8sync 0.1 released

-- Fri 22 April 2016

Greetings, gentle citizens of the GNUiverse! I'm happy to announce 8sync 0.1, the very first release of 8sync, an asynchronous programming library for GNU Guile. (I recently wrote a blogpost introducing 8sync if that's of interest to you.) Get 8sync v0.1.0 here!

This is the first release, so pretty much everything is new. There isn't much documentation, and things are a little bit rough in general. If you're interested in diving in, I recommend checking out the "demos" directory, and particularly try playing around with scripting an irc bot. One nice thing is that you can run it with "--listen" and, if using Geiser and Emacs, run "connect-to-guile" and live-hack away, adding functionality to your bot while it's running!

A lot more needs to be done. 8sync currently uses select, whereas it should clearly use poll or epoll, and such things will be done. More examples and demos are needed. Perhaps this is interesting to you, and you'd like to try to help us out yourself! In that case, please join us! 8sync is young, and now is a great time to get involved and explore. Happy hacking!