Accounts on GNU machines

The GNU Project has a general login server named which GNU contributors can have access to. Some information for GNU maintainers is also kept (only) on that host.

The GNU Project also runs a hosting site, All GNU packages are welcome and encouraged to use it, and non-GNU packages are welcome too. Creating accounts on Savannah is done through its web interface. Please note, Savannah and fencepost accounts are not linked. You will need to contact if you have lost access to your account.

(Additional resources for GNU developers are available, besides these accounts.)

If you don't have a Savannah account

You need to create a Savannah account and upload your SSH public keys to Savannah. To create your account, do the following:

If you have a Savannah account, but no SSH key uploaded

To upload your OpenSSH public key, do the following:

(By the way, you'll also need to have an SSH key uploaded in order to make commits to repositories.)

If you have a Savannah account, but no GPG key uploaded

If you have a Savannah account, with GPG and SSH keys uploaded

If you have an account on and have registered SSH and GPG public keys, you can request an account on fencepost by sending email to <> with the following information:

Sign your message before sending with a command like gpg --clear-sign message.txt.

Your SSH public key from Savannah will be used for access to fencepost. Your fencepost account can be used for email, development and testing related to your work on GNU.

First login on

When you first connect to fencepost through SSH, you'll be asked to check the server's credentials, to make sure you're actually logging in to the right place. These are the server key fingerprints you'll need to refer to:

MD5:55:23:ff:9b:99:f9:22:9f:f5:13:0a:2d:cf:95:f6:1c (ECDSA)
SHA256:6HeGFTQhtyLK0u0XKdBv9SGMah66U0p9ySFFNtmyOHw (ECDSA)

MD5:d7:a6:2f:cd:d1:41:98:5b:08:a1:05:78:d3:60:26:6f (ED25519)
SHA1:xBmVAtTHqizFAEARh7Ioq6DLRWQ (ED25519)
SHA256:czIgr7VZvWzBireMUixS42C5dnq/H5DaRAbTD2Kgqpw (ED25519)

MD5:20:28:96:d6:a4:bc:61:4c:b0:85:19:59:0c:97:2a:5b (RSA)
SHA1:FzgYkkk/ldpguQhbZr0YuY6+/CM (RSA)
SHA256:vT5Iajj0kxjRZQqh6JCI2DoRrBzgbvgHCs3vZoWKHQE (RSA)

Those fingerprints should work with Trisquel 7, 8 and 9.


If you have questions, problems, or suggestions about this web page, the account process, or GNU infrastructure, please see the Information for GNU Maintainers.

If you have questions about or problems with using fencepost once you have an account, additional user support is available on the fencepost-users mailing list. Feel free to subscribe.