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3.1 Font Locking

Font locking is supposed to improve readability of the source code by highlighting certain keywords with different colors or fonts. It thereby lets you recognize the function of markup code to a certain extent without having to read the markup command. For general information on controlling font locking with Emacs’ Font Lock mode, see (emacs)Font Lock section ‘Font Lock Mode’ in GNU Emacs Manual.

User Option: TeX-install-font-lock

Once font locking is enabled globally or for the major modes provided by AUCTeX, the font locking patterns and functionality of font-latex are activated by default. You can switch to a different font locking scheme or disable font locking in AUCTeX by customizing the variable TeX-install-font-lock.

Besides font-latex AUCTeX ships with a scheme which is derived from Emacs’ default LaTeX mode and activated by choosing tex-font-setup. Be aware that this scheme is not coupled with AUCTeX’s style system and not the focus of development. Therefore and due to font-latex being much more feature-rich the following explanations will only cover font-latex.

In case you want to hook in your own fontification scheme, you can choose other and insert the name of the function which sets up your font locking patterns. If you want to disable fontification in AUCTeX completely, choose ignore.

font-latex provides many options for customization which are accessible with M-x customize-group <RET> font-latex <RET>. For this description the various options are explained in conceptional groups.

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