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3.1.6 Known fontification problems

In certain cases the fontification machinery fails to interpret buffer contents correctly. This can lead to color bleed, i.e. large parts of a buffer get fontified with an inappropriate face. A typical situation for this to happen is the use of a dollar sign (‘$’) in a verbatim macro or environment. If font-latex is not aware of the verbatim construct, it assumes the dollar sign to be a toggle for mathematics and fontifies the following buffer content with the respective face until it finds a closing dollar sign or till the end of the buffer.

As a remedy you can make the verbatim construct known to font-latex (see Verbatim content). If this is not possible, you can insert a commented dollar sign (‘%$’) at the next suitable end of line as a quick workaround. In docTeX documents, ‘^^A$’ is also available for similar purpose.

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