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1.2 Installing AUCTeX

The modern and strongly recommended way of installing AUCTeX is by using the Emacs package manager integrated in Emacs 24 and greater (ELPA). Simply do M-x list-packages <RET>, mark the auctex package for installation with i, and hit x to execute the installation procedure. That’s all.

use-package users can use this simple recipe in their user-init-file which essentially does the same as the manual installation explained above.

(use-package tex
  :ensure auctex)

Using the ELPA version has several advantages. Besides being platform and OS independent, you will receive intermediate bugfix releases between major AUCTeX releases conveniently. For past ELPA releases, see https://elpa.gnu.org/packages/auctex.html. Once the installation is completed, you can skip the rest of this section and proceed to Quick Start.

The remainder of this section is about installing AUCTeX from a release tarball or from a checkout of the AUCTeX repository.

Installing AUCTeX should be simple: merely ./configure, make, and make install for a standard site-wide installation (most other installations can be done by specifying a ‘--prefix=…’ option).

On many systems, this will already activate the package, making its modes the default instead of the built-in modes of Emacs. If this is not the case, consult Loading the package. Please read through this document fully before installing anything. The installation procedure has changed as compared to earlier versions. Users of MS Windows are asked to consult See Installation under MS Windows.

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