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B.7 Autotest Macro Index

This is an alphabetical list of the Autotest macros.

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AT_ARG_OPTION: Writing Testsuites
AT_ARG_OPTION_ARG: Writing Testsuites
AT_AT_PREPARE_EACH_TEST: Writing Testsuites
AT_BANNER: Writing Testsuites
AT_CAPTURE_FILE: Writing Testsuites
AT_CHECK: Writing Testsuites
AT_CHECK_EUNIT: Writing Testsuites
AT_CHECK_UNQUOTED: Writing Testsuites
AT_CLEANUP: Writing Testsuites
AT_COLOR_TESTS: Writing Testsuites
AT_COPYRIGHT: Writing Testsuites
AT_DATA: Writing Testsuites
AT_FAIL_IF: Writing Testsuites
AT_INIT: Writing Testsuites
AT_KEYWORDS: Writing Testsuites
AT_PACKAGE_BUGREPORT: Making testsuite Scripts
AT_PACKAGE_NAME: Making testsuite Scripts
AT_PACKAGE_STRING: Making testsuite Scripts
AT_PACKAGE_TARNAME: Making testsuite Scripts
AT_PACKAGE_URL: Making testsuite Scripts
AT_PACKAGE_VERSION: Making testsuite Scripts
AT_PREPARE_TESTS: Writing Testsuites
AT_SETUP: Writing Testsuites
AT_SKIP_IF: Writing Testsuites
AT_TESTED: Writing Testsuites
AT_XFAIL_IF: Writing Testsuites

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