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7.18 All Attribute Names

This is the list of all the option attributes used in the various option processing templates. There are several flavors of attributes, and these are not distinguished here.

This list is derived by running many example option definitions through the option generation and man page templates and noting which attributes are actually used. There may be a few that are used but not exercised in my testing. If so, I need to ferret those out and test them, too.

addtogroup         aliases          allow_errors  arg_default
arg_name           arg_optional     arg_range     arg_type
argument           author           call_proc     cmd_section
comment_char       concept          config_header copyright
date               default          deprecated    descrip
detail             die_code         disable       disable_load
disable_save       doc              doc_section   doc_sub
doc_sub_cmd        documentation    ds_format     ds_text
ds_type            eaddr            enable        enabled
environrc          equivalence      exit_desc     exit_name
explain            export           extract_code  field
file_fail_code     flag             flag_code     flag_proc
flags_cant         flags_must       full_usage    gnu_usage
guard_option_names handler_proc     handler_type  help_type
help_value         home_rc          homerc        ifdef
ifndef             immed_disable    immediate     include
interleaved        keyword          lib_name      library
load_opts_value    long_opts        main_fini     main_init
main_type          max              min           more_help_value
must_set           name             no_command    no_libopts
no_misuse_usage    no_preset        no_xlate      omit_texi
omitted_usage      open_file        opt_state     option_format
option_info        owner            package       prefix
prefix_enum        preserve_case    prog_descrip  prog_info_descrip
prog_man_descrip   prog_name        prog_title    rcfile
reorder_args       reset_value      resettable    save_opts_value
scaled             set_desc         set_index     settable
short_usage        stack_arg        stdin_input   sub_name
sub_text           sub_type         test_main     translators
type               unshar_file_code unstack_arg   usage
usage_message      usage_opt        usage_value   value
vendor_opt         version          version_proc  version_value

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