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7.19 Option Definition Name Index

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Index Entry Section

addtogroup7.5.9.2 Global documentation attributes
allow-errors7.5.1.4 User Presentation Attributes
arg-default7.5.6.12 Default Option Argument Value
arg-name7.5.9.1 Per option documentation attributes
arg-optional7.5.6.11 Option Argument Optional
arg-range7.5.6.2 Arg Type Number
arg-type7.5.6 Option Argument Specification
argument7.5.1 Program Description Attributes
author7.5.3 Program Information Attributes

before-guile-boot7.5.4.1 guile: main and inner_main procedures

call-proc7.5.7 Option Argument Handling
cmd-section7.5.9.2 Global documentation attributes
comment-charfor-each main procedure options
config-header7.5.1 Program Description Attributes
config-header7.5.1.3 Programming Details
copyright7.5.3 Program Information Attributes

date7.5.3 Program Information Attributes
default7.5.5.9 Default Option
deprecated7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
descrip7.5.5.1 Required Attributes
detail7.5.3 Program Information Attributes
detail7.5.9.2 Global documentation attributes
die-code7.5.1.3 Programming Details
disable7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
disable-load7.5.1.2 Program Configuration
disable-save7.5.1.2 Program Configuration
doc7.5.9.1 Per option documentation attributes
doc-section7.5.9.2 Global documentation attributes
doc-sub7.5.9.2 Global documentation attributes
doc-sub-cmd7.5.9.2 Global documentation attributes
documentation7.5.2.1 AutoOpt-ed Library for AutoOpt-ed Program
documentation7.5.5.10 Option Sectioning Comment

eaddr7.5.3 Program Information Attributes
enable7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
enabled7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
environrc7.5.1.2 Program Configuration
equivalence7.5.5.7 Option Equivalence Class
exit-desc7.5.1.3 Programming Details
exit-name7.5.1.3 Programming Details
explain7.5.3 Program Information Attributes
export7.5.1.3 Programming Details
extra-code7.5.6.10 Keyword list
extract-code7.5.7 Option Argument Handling

file-exists7.5.6.7 Arg Type File Name
file-mode7.5.6.7 Arg Type File Name
flag-code7.5.7 Option Argument Handling
flag-proc7.5.7 Option Argument Handling
full-usage7.5.1.1 Usage and Version Info Display

gnu-usage7.5.1.1 Usage and Version Info Display
gnu-usage7.5.3 Program Information Attributes
guard-option-names7.5.1.3 Programming Details
guile-main7.5.4.1 guile: main and inner_main procedures

handler-freeshandler procedure type
handler-procprocedure to handle each argument
handler-typehandler procedure type
help-value7.5.10 Automatically Supported Options
homerc7.5.1.2 Program Configuration

ifdef7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
ifndef7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
immed-disable7.5.5.3 Immediate Action Attributes
immediate7.5.5.3 Immediate Action Attributes
include7.5.1.3 Programming Details
interleavedfor-each main procedure options

keyword7.5.6.10 Keyword list

lib-name7.5.2.1 AutoOpt-ed Library for AutoOpt-ed Program
library7.5.2.1 AutoOpt-ed Library for AutoOpt-ed Program
load-opts-value7.5.10 Automatically Supported Options
long-opts7.5.1.4 User Presentation Attributes

main7.5.4 Generating main procedures
main-finifor-each main procedure options
main-initfor-each main procedure options
main-type7.5.4 Generating main procedures
max7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
min7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
more-help-value7.5.10 Automatically Supported Options
must-set7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
MYHANDLER-codecode for handler procedure

name7.5.5.1 Required Attributes
no-command7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
no-libopts7.5.1.3 Programming Details
no-misuse-usage7.5.1.1 Usage and Version Info Display
no-preset7.5.5.6 Option cannot be pre-configured
no-return7.5.1.3 Programming Details
no-xlate7.5.1.4 User Presentation Attributes

omitted-usage7.5.5.2 Common Option Attributes
open-file7.5.6.7 Arg Type File Name
option-code7.5.4.4 main: user supplied main procedure
option-format7.5.9.2 Global documentation attributes
option-info7.5.9.2 Global documentation attributes
opts-ptr7.5.3 Program Information Attributes
owner7.5.3 Program Information Attributes

package7.5.3 Program Information Attributes
prefix7.5.1.3 Programming Details
prefix-enum7.5.6.4 Arg Type Keyword
preserve-case7.5.3 Program Information Attributes
prog-desc7.5.3 Program Information Attributes
prog-group7.5.1.1 Usage and Version Info Display
prog-name7.5.1 Program Description Attributes
prog-title7.5.1 Program Description Attributes

rcfile7.5.1.2 Program Configuration
reorder-args7.5.1.4 User Presentation Attributes
reorder-args7.5.3 Program Information Attributes
reset-value7.5.10 Automatically Supported Options
resettable7.5.1.4 User Presentation Attributes

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