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6.4.2 Obsolete macros

Although using some of the following macros was required in past releases, you should not use any of them in new code. Running autoupdate should adjust your automatically (see Using autoupdate to Modernize in The Autoconf Manual).


Check to see if function prototypes are understood by the compiler. If so, define ‘PROTOTYPES’ and set the output variables U and ANSI2KNR to the empty string. Otherwise, set U to ‘_’ and ANSI2KNR to ‘./ansi2knr’. Automake uses these values to implement the obsolete de-ANSI-fication feature.


Automake will generate rules to automatically regenerate the config header. This obsolete macro is a synonym of AC_CONFIG_HEADERS today (see Other things Automake recognizes).


If the use of TIOCGWINSZ requires <sys/ioctl.h>, then define GWINSZ_IN_SYS_IOCTL. Otherwise TIOCGWINSZ can be found in <termios.h>. This macro is obsolete, you should use Autoconf’s AC_HEADER_TIOCGWINSZ instead.


From Automake 1.8 to 1.9.6 this macro used to define the output variable mkdir_p to one of mkdir -p, install-sh -d, or mkinstalldirs.

Nowadays Autoconf provides a similar functionality with AC_PROG_MKDIR_P (see Particular Program Checks in The Autoconf Manual), however this defines the output variable MKDIR_P instead. Therefore AM_PROG_MKDIR_P has been rewritten as a thin wrapper around AC_PROG_MKDIR_P to define mkdir_p to the same value as MKDIR_P for backward compatibility.

If you are using Automake, there is normally no reason to call this macro, because AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE already does so. However, make sure that the custom rules in your Makefiles use $(MKDIR_P) and not $(mkdir_p). Even if both variables still work, the latter should be considered obsolete.

If you are not using Automake, please call AC_PROG_MKDIR_P instead of AM_PROG_MKDIR_P.


Check to see if POSIX termios headers and functions are available on the system. If so, set the shell variable am_cv_sys_posix_termios to ‘yes’. If not, set the variable to ‘no’. This macro is obsolete, you should use Autoconf’s AC_SYS_POSIX_TERMIOS instead.

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