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6 Burning


If you have burned a CD from a CUE sheet produced by this program and all audio tracks became only senseless static noise, you may need to tell your burning software to swap the byte order of all samples sent to the CD-recorder. This can be accomplished with (for example) the --swap option when using the cdrdao program. Experience has shown that at least for mixed-mode discs it is necessary to use that option when burning, otherwise you will almost certainly waste a CD.

Supposing you want to burn a CD using the cdrdao program and a CUE sheet file named gnu.cue, and wisely want to ensure the correct behavior of your burnt disc, use the command:

cdrdao write --swap --speed 1 --eject gnu.cue

That way cdrdao will swap the byte order of audio samples, cautiously burning in the smallest possible speed and will eject your CD when it is done.