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5 Invocation

The command ccd2cue is used to convert CCD sheet files in CUE sheet files. It is invoked as follow:

ccd2cue [OPTION…] [ccd-file]

The input file, referred as ccd-file, must exist. If ccd-file is ‘-’, or omitted, standard input is used.

Output options:


Write CD-Text data to cdt-file.


Write output to cue-file.

While the main output file cue-file is always generated, the cdt-file is created only when there is CD-Text info. If cue-file is ‘-’, or --output is omitted, standard output is used.

Conversion options:


Use absolute file name deduction.


Reference img-file as the image file.

The img-file is a reference to a data file required only at burning time and thus its existence is not enforced at the conversion stage.

Help options:


Give a help list.


Give a short usage message.


Print program version.

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional for any corresponding short options.