ccRTP 2.1.2
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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oNGnuZrtpCodesThis enum defines the information message severity
oCAlgorithmEnumThe algorithm enumration class
oCAppDataUnitInterface (envelope) to data received over RTP packets
oCApplicationHandlerApplication objects modification methods
oCAVPQueueThis class, an RTP/RTCP queue, adds audio/video profile (AVP) specific methods to the generic RTCP service queue (QueueRTCPManager)
oCc_srtpSecretsThis structure contains pointers to the SRTP secrets and the role info
oCccRTP_AudioReceiverThis is the class that will do almost everything
oCccRTP_AudioTransmitterThis is the class that will do almost everything
oCccRTP_dupHelloThis is the class that will do almost everything
oCccRTP_Hello_RxReceiver of salutes
oCccRTP_Hello_TxTransmitter of salutes
oCConflictHandlerTo track addresses of sources conflicting with the local one
oCCryptoContextThe implementation for a SRTP cryptographic context
oCCryptoContextCtrlThe implementation for a SRTCP cryptographic context
oCDestinationListHandlerThis class handles a list of destination addresses
oCDevAudioThis is the base interface for DSO loadable audio devices
oCDigestThe digest base class is used for implementing and deriving one way hashing functions
oCDualUDPIPv4SocketA socket class based on two UDP/IPv4 sockets
oCDynamicPayloadFormatDynamic payload format objects
oCEnumBaseEnumBase provides methods to store and access algorithm enumerations of a specific algorithm type
oCHashEnumThe enumaration subclasses that contain the supported algorithm enumerations
oCIncomingDataQueueQueue for incoming RTP data packets in an RTP session
|\CSyncSourcesIteratorIterator through the list of synchronizations sources in this session
oCIncomingRTPPktRTP packets received from other participants
oCKeyAudioLoad /etc/phone.conf [audio] key value pairs
oCKeyRTPLoad /etc/phone.conf [thread] key value pairs
oCKeyThreadsLoad /etc/phone.conf [thread] key value pairs
oCMD5DigestA md5 collection/computation accululator class
oCMembersMembers and senders accounting
oCMembershipBookkeepingControls the group membership in the current session
|oCIncomingRTPPktLinkIncoming RTP data packets control structure within the incoming packet queue class
|\CSyncSourceLinkSynchronization Source internal handler within the incoming packets queue
oCOutgoingDataQueueA generic outgoing RTP data queue supporting multiple destinations
oCOutgoingRTPPktRTP packets being sent
oCParticipantA class of objects representing remote participants (RTP applications) in a multimedia session
oCParticipantHandlerParticipant objects modification methods
oCPayloadFormatBase payload format class
oCPredEqualsStd equality for SessionListElement objects
oCQueueRTCPManagerAdds generic management of RTCP functions to an RTP data queue
oCRTCPCompoundHandlerLow level structs and RTCP packet parsing and building methods
|oCAPPPacketStruct for APP (application specific) RTCP packets
|oCBYEPacketStruct for BYE (leaving session) RTCP packets
|oCFIRPacketStruct for Full Intra-frame Request (FIR) RTCP packet
|oCNACKPacketStruct for Negative ACKnowledgements (NACK) RTCP packet
|oCReceiverInfoStruct for the data contained in a receiver info block
|oCRecvReportRaw structure of the source and every receiver report in an SR or RR RTCP packet
|oCRRBlockStruct for a receiver info block in a SR (sender report) or an RR (receiver report) RTCP packet
|oCRTCPFixedHeaderFixed RTCP packet header
|oCRTCPPacketStruct representing general RTCP packet headers as they are sent through the network
|oCSDESChunkStruct for a chunk of items in a SDES RTCP packet
|oCSDESItemStruct for an item description of a SDES packet
|oCSenderInfoStruct for the sender info block in a SR (sender report) RTCP packet
|\CSendReportStruct for SR (sender report) RTCP packets
oCRTCPReceiverInfoReport block information of SR/RR RTCP reports
oCRTCPSenderInfoSender block information of SR RTCP reports
oCRTPApplicationAn RTP application, holding identifying RTCP SDES item values
|\CParticipantsIteratorIterator through the list of participants in this session
oCRTPAudioThis is the base session stack that will maintain all network audio activity
oCRTPBaseUDPIPv4SocketA UDP/IPv4 socket class targetted at RTP stacks
oCRTPDataQueueA packet queue handler for building different kinds of RTP protocol systems
oCRTPDuplexA peer associated RTP socket pair for physically connected peer hosts
oCRTPEventProcess RTP Events for plugins and special purpose classes
oCRTPPacketA base class for both IncomingRTPPkt and OutgoingRTPPkt
|oCRFC2833PayloadStructure defining RFC2833 Telephony events
|oCRTPFixedHeaderRTP fixed header as it is send through the network
|\CRTPHeaderExtFixed component of the variable-length header extension, appended to the fixed header, after the CSRC list, when X == 1
oCRTPQueueBaseA virtual base class for RTP queue hierarchies
oCRTPSessionBaseGeneric RTP protocol stack for exchange of realtime data
oCRTPSessionPoolThis class is a base class for classes that define a group of RTP sessions that will be served by one or more execution threads
oCSDESItemsHolderHolds the SDES items and related information from a participant in an RTP application
oCSenderThis class sends an RTP Packet
oCSessionListElementClass for tracking session status
oCSingleThreadRTPSessionThis template class adds the threading aspect to the RTPSessionBase template in one of the many possible ways
oCSkeinCtxContext for Skein
oCsrtpSecretsThis structure contains pointers to the SRTP secrets and the role info
oCSrtpSymCryptoImplments the SRTP encryption modes as defined in RFC3711
oCStaticPayloadFormatStatic payload format objects
oCSyncSourceSynchronization source in an RTP session
oCSyncSourceHandlerSyncSource objects modification methods
oCTimeoutProviderClass to generate objects giving timeout functionality
oCTPRequestProvides a way to request timeouts after a number of milli seconds
oCTwofish_keyStructure that contains a prepared Twofish key
oCzrtp_CallbacksThis structure defines the callback functions required by GNU ZRTP
oCZrtpCallbackThis abstract class defines the callback functions required by GNU ZRTP
oCZrtpConfigureZRTP configuration data
oCZrtpQueueGNU ccRTP extension to support GNU ZRTP
\CZrtpUserCallbackApplication callback methods