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formats.h File Reference

Payload types and formats. More...

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Data Structures

class  PayloadFormat
 Base payload format class. More...
class  StaticPayloadFormat
 Static payload format objects. More...
class  DynamicPayloadFormat
 Dynamic payload format objects. More...


typedef uint8 PayloadType
 RTP payload type numeric identifier. More...


enum  StaticPayloadType {
  sptPCMU = 0, firstStaticPayloadType = sptPCMU, sptG726_32 = 2, sptGSM,
  sptG723, sptDVI4_8000, sptDVI4_16000, sptLPC,
  sptPCMA, sptG722, sptL16_DUAL, sptL16_MONO,
  sptQCELP, sptMPA = 14, sptG728, sptDVI4_11025,
  sptDVI4_22050, sptG729, lastStaticAudioPayloadType = sptG729, sptCELB = 25,
  sptJPEG, sptNV = 28, sptH261 = 31, sptMPV,
  sptMP2T, sptH263, lastStaticPayloadType = sptH263
 RTP static payload types (default bindings) defined in the AVP profile. More...


const PayloadType ptINVALID = 128
 Predefined value for invalid or uninitialized payload type variables. More...

Detailed Description

Payload types and formats.

Definition in file formats.h.