ccRTP 2.1.2
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rtp.h File Reference

Generic and audio/video profile specific RTP interface of ccRTP. More...

#include <ccrtp/cqueue.h>
#include <ccrtp/channel.h>
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Data Structures

class  TRTPSessionBase< RTPDataChannel, RTCPChannel, ServiceQueue >
class  SingleThreadRTPSession< RTPDataChannel, RTCPChannel, ServiceQueue >
 This template class adds the threading aspect to the RTPSessionBase template in one of the many possible ways. More...


typedef SingleThreadRTPSession RTPSession
 Uses two pairs of sockets for RTP data and RTCP transmission/reception. More...
typedef RTPSession RTPSocket
 Alias for RTPSession. More...
typedef SingleThreadRTPSession
< SymmetricRTPChannel,
 Uses one pair of sockets, (1) for RTP data and (2) for RTCP transmission/reception. More...

Detailed Description

Generic and audio/video profile specific RTP interface of ccRTP.

The classes and types in this header provide general RTP functionality (following RFC 3550) as well as audio/video RTP profile specific functionality (following RFC 3551).

Definition in file rtp.h.