ccRTP 2.1.2
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Data Structures
rtppkt.h File Reference

RTP packets handling. More...

#include <ccrtp/base.h>
#include <ccrtp/formats.h>
#include <ccrtp/CryptoContext.h>
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Data Structures

class  RTPPacket
 A base class for both IncomingRTPPkt and OutgoingRTPPkt. More...
struct  RTPPacket::RTPFixedHeader
 RTP fixed header as it is send through the network. More...
struct  RTPPacket::RFC2833Payload
 a structure defining RFC2833 Telephony events. More...
struct  RTPPacket::RTPHeaderExt
 Fixed component of the variable-length header extension, appended to the fixed header, after the CSRC list, when X == 1. More...
class  OutgoingRTPPkt
 RTP packets being sent. More...
class  IncomingRTPPkt
 RTP packets received from other participants. More...

Detailed Description

RTP packets handling.

Definition in file rtppkt.h.