ccRTP 2.1.2
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sources.h File Reference

Sources of synchronization and participants related clases. More...

#include <string>
#include <ccrtp/rtcppkt.h>
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Data Structures

class  SDESItemsHolder
 Holds the SDES items and related information from a participant in an RTP application. More...
class  Participant
 A class of objects representing remote participants (RTP applications) in a multimedia session. More...
class  SyncSource
 Synchronization source in an RTP session. More...
class  RTPApplication
 An RTP application, holding identifying RTCP SDES item values. More...
class  RTPApplication::ParticipantsIterator
 Iterator through the list of participants in this session. More...
struct  RTPApplication::ParticipantLink


__EXPORT RTPApplicationdefaultApplication ()
 Get the RTPApplication object for the "default" application (the only one used by common applications -those that only implement one "RTP application"). More...

Detailed Description

Sources of synchronization and participants related clases.

Definition in file sources.h.