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Current version:2.49 (2010-07-07) NEWS
What is CLISP?
a feature-loaded implementation of a great language!
The benefits of Common Lisp and CLISP
why is ANSI Common Lisp such a great programming environment?
CLISP manual page for UN*X
command line options for other platforms are very similar (see clisp.html in your build directory or binary distribution)
CLISP Implementation Notes [TOC]
How CLISP implements and extends the ANSI standard INCITS 226-1994 (R1999) "Information Technology - Programming Language - Common Lisp", available as the Common Lisp HyperSpec.
CLISP as a login shell
You can use CLISP instead of bash / zsh / tcsh!
Common Lisp on the Web
information and software
Frequently Asked Questions about CLISP, with answers, including
SourceForge Project Home
CLISP elsewhere
How are you using CLISP?
Tell us your story!
Review CLISP on OpenHub!
Our official distribution sites
GNU/Linux packages
Debian Fedora SuSE
Gentoo Arch Ubuntu
*BSD ports
MacPorts: Open-Source software for the Mac OS X
CLISP Package
Homebrew: The missing package manager for OS X
CLISP Formula
Cygwin: POSIX environment for Windows
CLISP Package
OpenCSW: Open Source Software for Sun Solaris
CLISP Package
Mercurial: when you cannot wait for the next release
mailing list archives

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