GNU Coreutils - Supported File systems


GNU coreutils programs tail(1) and stat(1) contain lists of file systems in order to display their names and implement efficient file monitoring with tail -f.

Under certain conditions tail emits the following warning:

tail: unrecognized file system type 0xNNNNNNNN for 'FILE'. please
report this to reverting to polling

This warning is harmless - tail still operates correctly on your file system, although not as efficiently as possible.

Two possible reasons for the warning:
  1. The file system is unknown and its identifier is not yet in coreutils.
  2. The file system is known, but your installed coreutils version is too old.

The list below details all currently supported file systems. If you find the identifier (0xNNNNNNNN) in the list, it means the file system is already configured in coreutils, and it is likely the version you are using is too old. To find the installed version, run tail --version.

If the identifier is not found in the list, please report it to <> with additional information about the operating system and the file system (e.g. output of uname -a and df -T .).

Supported File systems

Identifier File System Minimal Version Revision Remarks
0x45584653 exfs v8.30 v8.29-17-g0753c3f
0x5A3C69F0 aafs v8.28 v8.27-99-g3ebdc3e
0x07655821 rdt v8.27 v8.26-67-g79a5cb1
0xFE534D42 smb2 v8.26 v8.25-29-g99dd47e
0x53464846 wslfs v8.26 v8.25-25-g8c81638
0x5346314D m1fs v8.26 v8.25-17-g8faf269
0x7C7C6673 prl_fs v8.26 v8.25-16-gd33f1fb
0x13661366 balloon-kvm-fs v8.26 v8.25-128-g286a401
0x63677270 cgroup2fs v8.26 v8.25-128-g286a401
0x64646178 daxfs v8.26 v8.25-128-g286a401
0x58295829 zsmallocfs v8.26 v8.25-128-g286a401
0x61636673 acfs v8.25 v8.24-83-g0daa359
0xCAFE4A11 bpf_fs v8.25 v8.24-83-g0daa359
0x73727279 btrfs_test v8.25 v8.24-83-g0daa359
0x6E736673 nsfs v8.25 v8.24-83-g0daa359
0x794C7630 overlayfs v8.25 v8.24-111-g1118f32
0x74726163 tracefs v8.25 v8.24-83-g0daa359
0x013111A8 ibrix v8.24 v8.23-141-ge60547d
0x62656570 configfs v8.23 v8.22-101-g56c9a43
0x482B hfs+ v8.23 v8.22-18-gb938b6e
0x4858 hfsx v8.23 v8.22-18-gb938b6e
0x00C0FFEE hostfs v8.23 v8.22-100-g695a0b5
0xC97E8168 logfs v8.23 v8.22-101-g56c9a43
0xDE5E81E4 efivarfs v8.22 v8.21-25-g4c49dc8
0x5DF5 exofs v8.22 v8.21-25-g4c49dc8
0xF2F52010 f2fs v8.22 v8.21-25-g4c49dc8
0x43415D53 smackfs v8.22 v8.21-196-gee7512c
0xBEEFDEAD snfs v8.22 v8.21-42-ge414ff4
0x24051905 ubifs v8.22 v8.21-25-g4c49dc8
0x00C36400 ceph v8.21 v8.20-65-gc321f74
0xBACBACBC vmhgfs v8.20 v8.19-142-g2dad87f
0x565A4653 vzfs v8.20 v8.19-108-g97b786a
0x2FC12FC1 zfs v8.20 v8.19-10-gc9888e0
0x61756673 aufs v8.18 v8.17-29-gb0d8d32
0xAAD7AAEA panfs v8.18 v8.17-12-g5fdd5c6
0x62646576 bdevfs v8.17 v8.16-51-ge121071
0x11307854 inodefs v8.17 v8.16-51-ge121071
0x68191122 qnx6 v8.17 v8.16-51-ge121071
0x19830326 fhgfs v8.15 v8.14-99-g896529709
0x50495045 pipefs v8.15 v8.14-103-gb1230020d
0x47504653 gpfs v8.13 v8.12-110-g473b4fc1e
0x19800202 mqueue v8.13 v8.12-101-g171e1b981
0x6165676C pstorefs v8.13 v8.12-101-g171e1b981
0xF15F ecryptfs v8.12 v8.11-16-gbd6cea345
0x01021997 v9fs v8.12 v8.11-16-gbd6cea345
0x65735546 fuseblk v8.3 v8.2-18-g4b449caf2
0x01161970 gfs/gfs2 v8.3 v8.2-19-g53db8d647
0x6B414653 k-afs v8.3 v8.2-19-g53db8d647
0x7461636F ocfs2 v8.3 v8.2-19-g53db8d647
0x67596969 rpc_pipefs v8.3 v8.2-18-g4b449caf2
0x534F434B sockfs v8.3 v8.2-6-g207a978e6
0x5346414F afs v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x3434 nilfs v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x73636673 securityfs v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0xF97CFF8C selinux v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x09041934 anon-inode FS v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x9123683E btrfs v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x0027E0EB cgroupfs v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0xFF534D42 cifs v8.1 v8.0-4-g8e3239071
0xABBA1974 xenfs v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x453DCD28 cramfs-wend v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x2BAD1DEA inotifyfs v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x64626720 debugfs v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x4244 hfs v8.1 v8.0-4-g8e3239071
0x0BAD1DEA futexfs v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x4D5A minix3 v8.1 v8.0-5-geb5f06f2a
0x0BD00BD0 lustre v7.1 v7.0-3-ga36f4cb45
0xADF5 adfs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x0187 autofs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x42465331 befs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-214-gcbdbbc4a5
0x1BADFACE bfs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-214-gcbdbbc4a5
0x42494E4D binfmt_misc v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-214-gcbdbbc4a5 (initially called BINFMT_MISC)
0x73757245 coda v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x1373 devfs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x00414A53 efs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x65735543 fusectl v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-214-gcbdbbc4a5
0x958458F6 hugetlbfs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-214-gcbdbbc4a5
0x07C0 jffs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x72B6 jffs2 v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x3153464A jfs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x6E667364 nfsd v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-214-gcbdbbc4a5
0x9FA1 openprom v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-214-gcbdbbc4a5
0x002F qnx4 v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x858458F6 ramfs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x15013346 udf v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x54190100 ufs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3 (UFS BYTESWAPPED)
0x9FA2 usbdevfs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0xA501FCF5 vxfs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x58465342 xfs v7.0 COREUTILS-6_9-213-g505eee2f3
0x73717368 squashfs v5.3 COREUTILS-5_2_1-1305-g7ee151d22
0x62656572 sysfs v5.3 COREUTILS-5_2_1-1305-g7ee151d22
0x1CD1 devpts v5.1 COREUTILS-5_0-84-g641cba7b3
0xADFF affs v5.0 (version v5.0 or earlier)
0x012FF7B7 coh v5.0
0x28CD3D45 cramfs v5.0
0x137D ext v5.0
0xEF53 ext2/ext3 v5.0
0xEF51 ext2 v5.0
0x4006 fat v5.0
0xF995E849 hpfs v5.0
0x9660 isofs v5.0
0x4004 isofs v5.0
0x4000 isofs v5.0
0x137F minix v5.0
0x138F minix (30 char.) v5.0
0x2468 minix v2 v5.0
0x2478 minix v2 (30 char.) v5.0
0x4D44 msdos v5.0
0x564C novell v5.0
0x6969 nfs v5.0
0x5346544E ntfs v5.0
0x9FA0 proc v5.0
0x52654973 reiserfs v5.0
0x7275 romfs v5.0
0x517B smb v5.0
0x012FF7B6 sysv2 v5.0
0x012FF7B5 sysv4 v5.0
0x01021994 tmpfs v5.0
0x00011954 ufs v5.0
0x012FF7B4 xenix v5.0
0x012FD16D xia v5.0

Additional Information

Coreutils version 8.25 and later no longer emit this warning. Running tail -f on unrecognized file systems will silently fallback from trying to use the inotify interface to polling. This change was made as coreutils' code is now routeinely synchronized with the Linux kernel, and there's less of a need for users to notify about new file systems.

For more information visit the GNU Coreutils web page.