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2 Files and documents

Sketches are saved in two different ways, one sketch per file or a set of sketches and macro constructions in one file (i.e. a Dr.Geo session). We recall that documents are saved with the extension .fgeo. When providing the file name, you don’t need to write this extension. Dr.Geo will do it for you.

2.1 Rename a sketch

From the menu File→Change title, the user changes the name and the title of the active window. This function is useful when the user saves a set of sketches in a single session file.

2.2 Save a sketch

From the menu File→Save, the sketch of the active window is saved. The user is prompted for a name.

 note Dr.Geo can work with several sketches at the same time. The user switches from one sketch to another one with the task bar in the bottom of the Dr.Geo environment.

With the menu File→Save as..., the user saves the document under another name.

The documents are saved in the Dr.Geo application structure, in the folder To save at an arbitrary location in the hard disk structure, use the menu File→Save at...

 note When saving a document, a network option is available in the dialog box. If selecting this option, the user must also provide a network share name – arbitrarily chosen by the user – and the document name. This option lets a group of networked users share sketches

2.3 Export a sketch

The menu File→Export as bitmap exports the sketch of the active window in a picture file in the standard format PNG3.

The pictures are saved in the Dr.Geo structure application, in the folder

2.4 Save a session

A session is a set of Dr.Geo documents – sketches and macro constructions – the user saves in one file. It eases the preparation of pedagogical sequences.

From the menu File→Save multiple, the users accesses a dialog box to select the document to integrate in the session file.


Figure 2.1: The Dr.Geo session dialog box

In this dialog, the list of all active documents is presented in column. Each line is prefixed with a tag Fig. or Macro according to the document type. The second part is the name of the document.

 note As for now, a session knows about two types of document: 2D interactive sketch and macro construction.

The user selects the documents to integrate in the session then provides a name for the composite file, and clicks OK.

 note The menu File→Save multiple is the only method for saving a macro construction in a file.

2.5 Save a macro construction

To save one or several macro constructions in a file, proceed the same way as for saving a session – multiple save. From the dialog box to save a session, select one or several macro construction to save, then input the file name. That’s all.

Therefore, it is possible to build macro construction libraries, one per file or several per file following a given theme.

2.6 Open a file

Whenever the user saved an individual sketch or a session in a file, the procedure to open it is the same from the menu File→Open.

If the session contains macro constructions, they are automatically added to the macro menus and player, ready to use in any existing Dr.Geo window.



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