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Conceptual index

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Index Entry  Section

angle, geometric: Basic functionality
angle, oriented: Basic functionality
arc, centre: Basic functionality
arc, length: Basic functionality
arc, three points: Basic functionality

circle: Basic functionality
circle, perimeter: Basic functionality
curve, clone: Basic functionality

debugger: Various tips

edit, property: Basic functionality
edit, style: Basic functionality
eraser: Basic functionality

free point, on curve, property: Basic functionality
free point, property: Basic functionality
free value, property: Basic functionality

glossary: Glossary
grid, display: Basic functionality
grid, magnet: Basic functionality

inspector: Various tips

line: Basic functionality
line, angle bisector: Basic functionality
line, distance: Basic functionality
line, parallel: Basic functionality
line, perpendicular: Basic functionality
line, perpendicular bisector: Basic functionality
line, slope: Basic functionality
locus: Basic functionality
locus, script: Smalltalk script

macro construction: Basic functionality
macro construction, create: Macro-construction
macro construction, execute: Macro-construction
macro construction, execute, dialog box: Macro-construction
macro construction, execute, menu: Macro-construction
macro construction, introduction: Macro-construction
macro construction, open: Files and documents
macro construction, save: Files and documents
macro construction, save: Files and documents
misc tools: Basic functionality

network, share, sketch: Files and documents
number: Basic functionality
number, free value: Basic functionality

object, delete: Basic functionality
object, hide: Basic functionality
object, move: Basic functionality
object, property: Basic functionality
object, rename: Basic functionality
object, style: Basic functionality

point, coordinates: Basic functionality
point, defined by coordinates: Basic functionality
point, free: Basic functionality
point, intersection: Basic functionality
point, intersection: Basic functionality
point, lock: Basic functionality
point, merge: Basic functionality
point, middle: Basic functionality
point, mutate: Basic functionality
point, rename: Basic functionality
polygon: Basic functionality
polygon, regular: Basic functionality

ray: Basic functionality
rename, object: Basic functionality

script: Advanced features
script, coordinates, point: Smalltalk script
script, curve, tangent: Smalltalk script
script, edit: Basic functionality
script, examples: Smalltalk script
script, examples, complex: Smalltalk script
script, examples, Ptolemy’s theorem: Didactic applications
script, examples, simple: Smalltalk script
script, examples, tangent to a curve: Smalltalk script
script, function: Smalltalk script
script, function, image: Smalltalk script
script, introduction: Smalltalk script
script, parameter(s), 0: Smalltalk script
script, parameter(s), 1: Smalltalk script
script, parameter(s), 2: Smalltalk script
script, property: Basic functionality
script, random value: Smalltalk script
script, use: Basic functionality
segment: Basic functionality
segment, length: Basic functionality
segment, mark: Basic functionality
session, open: Files and documents
session, save: Files and documents
share, network, sketch: Files and documents
sketch, export: Files and documents
sketch, move: Basic functionality
sketch, new: Introduction
sketch, open: Files and documents
sketch, rename: Files and documents
sketch, save: Files and documents
sketch, save, network: Files and documents
sketch, save, session: Files and documents
sketch, scale: Basic functionality
Smalltalk sketch: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, angle: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, arc: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, circle: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, complementary methods: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, equation: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, examples: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, examples: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, examples, animation: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, examples, Baravelle spiral: Didactic applications
Smalltalk sketch, examples, Pappus chain: Didactic applications
Smalltalk sketch, examples, Sierpinski triangle: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, examples, Teodoro spiral: Didactic applications
Smalltalk sketch, execute: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, geometric transformation: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, line (straight): Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, locus: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, number, distance, coordinates: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, object attributes: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, point: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, polygon: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, ray: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, run: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, segment: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, text: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, various messages: Smalltalk sketch
Smalltalk sketch, vector: Smalltalk sketch
style: Basic functionality
style, line: Basic functionality
style, point: Basic functionality
style, polygon: Basic functionality
style, script: Basic functionality
style, segment, mark: Basic functionality
style, value: Basic functionality

text: Basic functionality
text, property: Basic functionality
tools, debugger: Various tips
tools, debugger, breakpoint: Various tips
tools, inspector: Various tips
tools, profiling: Various tips
tools, workspace: Various tips
transformation: Basic functionality
transformation, homothety: Basic functionality
transformation, reflection: Basic functionality
transformation, rotation: Basic functionality
transformation, scale: Basic functionality
transformation, Smalltalk sketch: Smalltalk sketch
transformation, symmetry: Basic functionality
transformation, translation: Basic functionality

value, lock: Basic functionality
vector: Basic functionality
vector, coordinates: Basic functionality
vector, norm: Basic functionality

workspace: Various tips
workspace, compiling code: Various tips
workspace, executing step by step: Various tips
workspace, pasting code: Various tips
workspace, profiling code: Various tips

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Method index

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Index Entry  Section

abscissa on DrGPointOnCurveItem: Smalltalk script
abscissa: on DrGPointOnCurveItem: Smalltalk script
abscissaOf: on DrGCurveItem: Smalltalk script
abscissaOf: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
altIntersectionOf:and: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
angle:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
angle:to:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
angleBisector: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
angleBisectorSummit:side1:side2: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
arc:to:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
arcCenter:from:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch

backgroundColor: on DrGWrappedText: Smalltalk sketch

center on DrGCircleItem|DrGArcItem: Smalltalk script
centerTo: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
circleCenter:radius: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
circleCenter:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
closestPointTo: on DrGMathItem: Smalltalk script
color: on DrGWrappedItem: Smalltalk sketch
contains: on DrGCurveItem: Smalltalk script
coordinates on DrGWrappedPoint: Smalltalk sketch
cross on DrGWrappedPoint: Smalltalk sketch

dashed on DrGWrappedCurve: Smalltalk sketch
degreeAngle on DrGAngleItem: Smalltalk script
direction on DrGDirectionItem: Smalltalk script
distance:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
do: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
dotted on DrGWrappedCurve: Smalltalk sketch

equationOf: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
exist on DrGMathItem: Smalltalk script
extremity1 on DrGSegmentItem: Smalltalk script
extremity2 on DrGSegmentItem: Smalltalk script

float:at:from:to:name: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
freeValue: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
fullscreen on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch

gridOn on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch

hide on DrGWrappedItem: Smalltalk sketch

intersectionOf:and: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
item on DrGSegmentItem: Smalltalk script

large on DrGWrappedCurve: Smalltalk sketch
large on DrGWrappedPoint: Smalltalk sketch
length on DrGCircleItem|DrGArcItem|DrGPolygonItem: Smalltalk script
lengthOf: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
line:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
locusOf:when: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch

medium on DrGWrappedPoint: Smalltalk sketch
middle on DrGSegmentItem: Smalltalk script
middleOf: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
middleOf:and: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
move: on DrGMathItem: Smalltalk script
moveAt: on DrGPointItem: Smalltalk script
moveTo: on DrGWrappedItem: Smalltalk sketch

name: on DrGWrappedItem: Smalltalk sketch
new on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
normal on DrGDirectionItem: Smalltalk script
normal on DrGWrappedCurve: Smalltalk sketch

o on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
ordinateOf: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
origin on DrGDirectionItem: Smalltalk script

parallel:at: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
parents on DrGMathItem: Smalltalk script
perpendicular:at: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
perpendicularBisector: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
perpendicularBisector:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
plain on DrGWrappedCurve: Smalltalk sketch
plot:from:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
point on DrGPointItem: Smalltalk script
point: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
point: on DrGPointItem: Smalltalk script
point:parents on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
point:parents on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
pointAt: on DrGCurveItem: Smalltalk script
pointOnCurve:at: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
pointX:Y: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
polygon: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
position: on DrGValueItem: Smalltalk script

radianAngle on DrGAngleItem: Smalltalk script
radius on DrGCircleItem|DrGArcItem: Smalltalk script
ray:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
reflect:axe: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
regularPolygonCenter:vertex:sides: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
rotate:center:angle: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
round on DrGWrappedPoint: Smalltalk sketch

safeName on DrGMathItem: Smalltalk script
scale: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
scale:center:factor: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
segment:to: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
show on DrGWrappedItem: Smalltalk sketch
slopeOf: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
small on DrGWrappedCurve: Smalltalk sketch
small on DrGWrappedPoint: Smalltalk sketch
square on DrGWrappedPoint: Smalltalk sketch
symmetry:center: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch

text: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
text: on item: Smalltalk sketch
text:at: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch
translate:vector: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch

update on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch

value: on DrGWrappedValue: Smalltalk sketch
valueItem on DrGValueItem: Smalltalk script
valueItem: on DrGValueItem: Smalltalk script
vector: on DrGeoSketch: Smalltalk sketch

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