6.4.3 Fraction Mode

Division of two integers normally yields a floating-point number if the result cannot be expressed as an integer. In some cases you would rather get an exact fractional answer. One way to accomplish this is to use the : (calc-fdiv) [fdiv] command, which divides the two integers on the top of the stack to produce a fraction: 6 RET 4 : produces ‘3:2’ even though 6 RET 4 / produces ‘1.5’.

To set the Calculator to produce fractional results for normal integer divisions, use the m f (calc-frac-mode) command. For example, ‘8/4’ produces ‘2’ in either mode, but ‘6/4’ produces ‘3:2’ in Fraction mode, ‘1.5’ in Float mode.

At any time you can use c f (calc-float) to convert a fraction to a float, or c F (calc-fraction) to convert a float to a fraction. See Conversions.