Index of Key Sequences

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Index Entry  Section

!: Combinatorial Functions

": Strings
" (HMS forms): HMS Forms

#: Integers

$: Algebraic Entry

%: Basic Arithmetic

&: Basic Arithmetic
& (matrices): Vector and Matrix Arithmetic

': Algebraic Entry
' (HMS forms): HMS Forms

(: Incomplete Objects

): Incomplete Objects

*: Basic Arithmetic

+: Basic Arithmetic

,: Incomplete Objects

-: Basic Arithmetic

.: Numeric Entry
..: Incomplete Objects

/: Basic Arithmetic

0-9: Numeric Entry

:: Basic Arithmetic

;: Incomplete Objects

<: Basic Commands

=: Variables

>: Basic Commands

?: Help Commands

@: HMS Forms

[: Incomplete Objects

\: Basic Arithmetic

]: Incomplete Objects

^: Basic Arithmetic

_: Numeric Entry

`: Editing Stack Entries

{: Basic Commands

|: Building Vectors

}: Basic Commands

~: Prefix Arguments

A: Basic Arithmetic
a !: Logical Operations
a ": Algebraic Manipulation
a #: Logical Operations
a %: Polynomials
a &: Logical Operations
A (vectors): Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
a *: Summations
a +: Summations
a -: Summations
a .: Logical Operations
a /: Polynomials
a :: Logical Operations
a <: Logical Operations
a =: Logical Operations
a >: Logical Operations
a ?: Help Commands
a a: Polynomials
a b: Algebraic Manipulation
a c: Polynomials
a d: Differentiation
a e: Unsafe Simplifications
a f: Polynomials
a F: Linear Fits
a g: Polynomials
a i: Integration
a I: Numerical Integration
a M: Algebraic Manipulation
a m: Matching Commands
a n: Polynomials
a N: Minimization
a P: Multiple Solutions
a p: Interpolation
a R: Root Finding
a r: Rewrite Rules
a s: Simplifying Formulas
a s: Algebraic Simplifications
a S: Solving Equations
a t: Taylor Series
a T: Summations
a v: Algebraic Manipulation
a x: Polynomials
a X: Minimization
a [: Logical Operations
a \: Polynomials
a ]: Logical Operations
a _: Extracting Elements
a {: Logical Operations
a |: Logical Operations

B: Logarithmic Functions
b #: Related Financial Functions
b %: Percentages
b ?: Help Commands
b a: Binary Functions
b c: Binary Functions
b D: Depreciation Functions
b d: Binary Functions
b F: Future Value
b I: Related Financial Functions
b l: Binary Functions
b L: Binary Functions
b M: Related Financial Functions
b N: Present Value
b n: Binary Functions
b o: Binary Functions
b P: Present Value
b p: Set Operations
b r: Binary Functions
b R: Binary Functions
b S: Depreciation Functions
b T: Related Financial Functions
b t: Binary Functions
b u: Set Operations
b w: Binary Functions
b x: Binary Functions
b Y: Depreciation Functions

C: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
c %: Percentages
c 0-9: Conversions
c ?: Help Commands
c c: Conversions
c d: Conversions
c f: Conversions
c F: Conversions
c h: Conversions
c p: Conversions
c r: Conversions
C-d: Stack Manipulation
C-k: Killing From Stack
C-w: Killing From Stack
C-x * ': More About Embedded Mode
C-x * *: Basic Commands
C-x * 0: Basic Commands
C-x * :: Grabbing From Buffers
C-x * a: Assignments in Embedded Mode
C-x * b: Basic Commands
C-x * c: Basic Commands
C-x * d: More About Embedded Mode
C-x * e: Basic Embedded Mode
C-x * f: More About Embedded Mode
C-x * g: Grabbing From Buffers
C-x * i: Help Commands
C-x * j: Assignments in Embedded Mode
C-x * k: Keypad Mode
C-x * L: Autoloading Problems
C-x * m: Naming Keyboard Macros
C-x * n: More About Embedded Mode
C-x * o: Basic Commands
C-x * p: More About Embedded Mode
C-x * q: Quick Calculator
C-x * r: Grabbing From Buffers
C-x * s: Help Commands
C-x * t: Help Commands
C-x * u: Assignments in Embedded Mode
C-x * w: Basic Embedded Mode
C-x * x: Basic Commands
C-x * y: Yanking Into Buffers
C-x * z: Invocation Macros
C-x * _: Grabbing From Buffers
C-x * `: More About Embedded Mode
C-xC-t: Stack Manipulation
C-y: Yanking Into Stack
C-_: Undo

D: Undo
d ": Strings
d ,: Grouping Digits
d .: Float Formats
d 0: Radix Modes
d 2: Radix Modes
d 6: Radix Modes
d 8: Radix Modes
d <: Justification
d =: Justification
d >: Justification
d ?: Help Commands
d A: Giac Language Mode
d b: Normal Language Modes
d B: Normal Language Modes
d c: Complex Formats
d C: C FORTRAN Pascal
d d: Date Formats
d e: Float Formats
d E: Eqn Language Mode
d f: Float Formats
d F: C FORTRAN Pascal
d g: Grouping Digits
d h: HMS Formats
d i: Complex Formats
d j: Complex Formats
d l: Stack Basics
d L: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
d M: Mathematica Language Mode
d n: Float Formats
d N: Normal Language Modes
d o: Fraction Formats
d O: Normal Language Modes
d P: C FORTRAN Pascal
d p: More About Embedded Mode
d r: Radix Modes
d RET: Display Modes
d s: Float Formats
d SPC: Basic Commands
d t: Truncating the Stack
d T: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
d U: Normal Language Modes
d w: Error Messages
d W: Maple Language Mode
d X: Maxima Language Mode
d Y: Yacas Language Mode
d z: Radix Modes
d [: Truncating the Stack
d ]: Truncating the Stack
d {: Labels
d }: Labels
DEL: Stack Manipulation

e: Numeric Entry
E: Logarithmic Functions

F: Integer Truncation
f ?: Help Commands
f A: Basic Arithmetic
f b: Advanced Math Functions
f B: Advanced Math Functions
f E: Logarithmic Functions
f e: Advanced Math Functions
f g: Advanced Math Functions
f G: Advanced Math Functions
f h: Basic Arithmetic
f i: Complex Number Functions
f I: Logarithmic Functions
f j: Advanced Math Functions
f L: Logarithmic Functions
f M: Basic Arithmetic
f n: Basic Arithmetic
f Q: Basic Arithmetic
f r: Complex Number Functions
f s: Basic Arithmetic
f S: Basic Arithmetic
f T: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
f x: Basic Arithmetic
f X: Basic Arithmetic
f y: Advanced Math Functions
f [: Basic Arithmetic
f ]: Basic Arithmetic

G: Complex Number Functions
g ?: Help Commands
g a: Managing Curves
g A: Managing Curves
g b: Graphics Options
g c: Basic Graphics
g C: Devices
g C-l: Graphics Options
g C-r: Graphics Options
g C-t: Graphics Options
g d: Managing Curves
g D: Devices
g f: Basic Graphics
g F: Three Dimensional Graphics
g g: Graphics Options
g H: Managing Curves
g h: Graphics Options
g j: Managing Curves
g k: Graphics Options
g K: Devices
g l: Graphics Options
g L: Graphics Options
g N: Graphics Options
g n: Graphics Options
g O: Devices
g p: Managing Curves
g P: Managing Curves
g q: Devices
g r: Graphics Options
g R: Graphics Options
g s: Graphics Options
g S: Graphics Options
g t: Graphics Options
g T: Graphics Options
g v: Devices
g V: Devices
g x: Devices
g X: Devices
g z: Graphics Options
g Z: Graphics Options

H: Inverse and Hyperbolic
h (HMS forms): HMS Forms
H a /: Polynomials
H a d: Differentiation
H a f: Polynomials
H a F: Error Estimates for Fits
H a M: Algebraic Manipulation
H a N: Minimization
H a p: Interpolation
H a R: Root Finding
H a s: Simplifying Formulas
H a S: Multiple Solutions
H a X: Minimization
h b: Help Commands
H b #: Related Financial Functions
H b F: Future Value
H b l: Binary Functions
H b L: Binary Functions
H b M: Related Financial Functions
H b P: Present Value
H b r: Binary Functions
H b R: Binary Functions
H b T: Related Financial Functions
H b t: Binary Functions
h c: Help Commands
H C: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
H c 0-9: Conversions
H c c: Conversions
H c f: Conversions
H c F: Conversions
h C-c: Help Commands
h C-d: Help Commands
h C-w: Help Commands
H E: Logarithmic Functions
h f: Help Commands
H F: Integer Truncation
H f B: Advanced Math Functions
H f G: Advanced Math Functions
h h: Help Commands
h i: Help Commands
H I a S: Multiple Solutions
H I C: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
H I E: Logarithmic Functions
H I F: Integer Truncation
H I f G: Advanced Math Functions
H I L: Logarithmic Functions
H I P: Scientific Functions
H I R: Integer Truncation
H I S: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
H I T: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
H I u M: Single-Variable Statistics
H I u S: Single-Variable Statistics
H I v h: Building Vectors
H I V h: Building Vectors
H I v R: Nesting and Fixed Points
H I V R: Nesting and Fixed Points
H I v U: Nesting and Fixed Points
H I V U: Nesting and Fixed Points
H I |: Building Vectors
H j I: Rearranging with Selections
h k: Help Commands
H k b: Combinatorial Functions
H k c: Combinatorial Functions
H k e: Combinatorial Functions
H k s: Combinatorial Functions
H L: Logarithmic Functions
h n: Help Commands
H P: Scientific Functions
H R: Integer Truncation
h s: Help Commands
H S: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
h t: Help Commands
H T: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
H u C: Paired-Sample Statistics
H u G: Single-Variable Statistics
H u M: Single-Variable Statistics
H u S: Single-Variable Statistics
h v: Help Commands
H v e: Manipulating Vectors
H V e: Manipulating Vectors
H v h: Building Vectors
H V h: Building Vectors
H v H: Manipulating Vectors
H V H: Manipulating Vectors
H v k: Building Vectors
H V k: Building Vectors
H v l: Manipulating Vectors
H V l: Manipulating Vectors
H v R: Nesting and Fixed Points
H V R: Nesting and Fixed Points
H v U: Nesting and Fixed Points
H V U: Nesting and Fixed Points
H |: Building Vectors

i: Help Commands
I: Inverse and Hyperbolic
I a F: Error Estimates for Fits
I a M: Algebraic Manipulation
I a m: Matching Commands
I a s: Simplifying Formulas
I a S: Multiple Solutions
I B: Logarithmic Functions
I b #: Related Financial Functions
I b F: Future Value
I b I: Related Financial Functions
I b M: Related Financial Functions
I b N: Present Value
I b P: Present Value
I b T: Related Financial Functions
I C: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
I c p: Conversions
I E: Logarithmic Functions
I F: Integer Truncation
I f e: Advanced Math Functions
I f G: Advanced Math Functions
I k B: Probability Distribution Functions
I k C: Probability Distribution Functions
I k F: Probability Distribution Functions
I k n: Combinatorial Functions
I k N: Probability Distribution Functions
I k P: Probability Distribution Functions
I k T: Probability Distribution Functions
I L: Logarithmic Functions
I M: Recursion Depth
I P: Scientific Functions
I Q: Scientific Functions
I R: Integer Truncation
I S: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
I T: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
I u C: Paired-Sample Statistics
I u M: Single-Variable Statistics
I u S: Single-Variable Statistics
I v G: Manipulating Vectors
I V G: Manipulating Vectors
I v h: Building Vectors
I V h: Building Vectors
I v R: Reducing
I V R: Reducing
I v s: Extracting Elements
I V s: Extracting Elements
I v S: Manipulating Vectors
I V S: Manipulating Vectors
I v U: Reducing
I V U: Reducing
I ^: Basic Arithmetic
I |: Building Vectors

J: Complex Number Functions
j ": Rearranging with Selections
j &: Rearranging with Selections
j ': Operating on Selections
j *: Rearranging with Selections
j +: Rearranging with Selections
j -: Rearranging with Selections
j /: Rearranging with Selections
j 1-9: Changing Selections
j ?: Help Commands
j a: Making Selections
j b: Making Selections
j c: Making Selections
j C: Rearranging with Selections
j d: Displaying Selections
j D: Rearranging with Selections
j DEL: Operating on Selections
j e: Operating on Selections
j E: Rearranging with Selections
j I: Rearranging with Selections
j l: Changing Selections
j L: Rearranging with Selections
j m: Changing Selections
j M: Rearranging with Selections
j n: Changing Selections
j N: Rearranging with Selections
j o: Making Selections
j O: Making Selections
j p: Changing Selections
j R: Rearranging with Selections
j r: Selections with Rewrite Rules
j RET: Operating on Selections
j s: Making Selections
j S: Making Selections
j u: Making Selections
j U: Rearranging with Selections
j v: Rearranging with Selections
j `: Operating on Selections

K: Keep Arguments
k ?: Help Commands
k a: Random Numbers
k b: Combinatorial Functions
k B: Probability Distribution Functions
k c: Combinatorial Functions
k C: Probability Distribution Functions
k d: Combinatorial Functions
k E: Combinatorial Functions
k e: Combinatorial Functions
k f: Combinatorial Functions
k F: Probability Distribution Functions
k g: Combinatorial Functions
k h: Random Numbers
k l: Combinatorial Functions
k m: Combinatorial Functions
k n: Combinatorial Functions
k N: Probability Distribution Functions
k p: Combinatorial Functions
k P: Probability Distribution Functions
k r: Random Numbers
k s: Combinatorial Functions
k t: Combinatorial Functions
k T: Probability Distribution Functions

L: Logarithmic Functions
l *: Logarithmic Units
l +: Logarithmic Units
l -: Logarithmic Units
l /: Logarithmic Units
l d: Logarithmic Units
l f: Musical Notes
l m: Musical Notes
l n: Logarithmic Units
l q: Logarithmic Units
l s: Musical Notes
LFD: Stack Manipulation

M: Recursion Depth
m (HMS forms): HMS Forms
M (modulo forms): Modulo Forms
m ?: Help Commands
m a: Algebraic Entry
m A: Simplification Modes
m A: Algebraic Simplifications
m B: Simplification Modes
m C: Automatic Recomputation
m C: Evaluates-To Operator
m d: Angular Modes
m E: Simplification Modes
m E: Unsafe Simplifications
m e: Mode Settings in Embedded Mode
m F: General Mode Commands
m f: Fraction Mode
m g: Modes Variable
m h: Angular Modes
m i: Infinite Mode
m I: Simplification Modes
m m: General Mode Commands
m N: Simplification Modes
m O: Simplification Modes
m p: Polar Mode
m R: General Mode Commands
m r: Angular Modes
m S: General Mode Commands
m s: Symbolic Mode
m t: Algebraic Entry
m U: Simplification Modes
m v: Matrix Mode
m w: Working Message
m x: General Mode Commands
M-%: Percentages
M-C-w: Killing From Stack
M-DEL: Stack Manipulation
M-k: Killing From Stack
M-RET: Undo
M-TAB: Stack Manipulation
M-w: Killing From Stack
M-x: Basic Commands

N: Symbolic Mode
n: Basic Arithmetic

o: Stack Basics
O: Inverse and Hyperbolic
o (HMS forms): HMS Forms

p: Precision
P: Scientific Functions
p (error forms): Error Forms

q: Basic Commands
Q: Basic Arithmetic

R: Integer Truncation
r 0-9: Recalling Variables
r ?: Help Commands
r i: Inserting From Registers
r s: Saving Into Registers
RET: Stack Manipulation

S: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
s &: Storing Variables
s (HMS forms): HMS Forms
s *: Storing Variables
s +: Storing Variables
s -: Storing Variables
s /: Storing Variables
s 0-9: Storing Variables
s :: Evaluates-To Operator
s =: Evaluates-To Operator
s ?: Help Commands
s A: Operations on Variables
s c: Storing Variables
s d: Declaration Basics
s D: Operations on Variables
s e: Operations on Variables
s E: Operations on Variables
s F: Operations on Variables
s G: Operations on Variables
s H: Operations on Variables
s I: Operations on Variables
s i: Operations on Variables
s k: Storing Variables
s L: Operations on Variables
s l: Let Command
s m: Storing Variables
s n: Storing Variables
s P: Operations on Variables
s p: Operations on Variables
s r: Recalling Variables
s R: Operations on Variables
s s: Storing Variables
s t: Storing Variables
s T: Operations on Variables
s u: Storing Variables
s U: Operations on Variables
s x: Storing Variables
s X: Operations on Variables
s [: Storing Variables
s ]: Storing Variables
s ^: Storing Variables
s |: Storing Variables
SPC: Stack Manipulation

T: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
t +: Business Days
t -: Business Days
t .: Vector and Matrix Formats
t 0-9: Storing Variables
t <: Trail Commands
t >: Trail Commands
t ?: Help Commands
t b: Trail Commands
t C: Date Conversions
t d: Trail Commands
t D: Date Conversions
t f: Trail Commands
t h: Trail Commands
t i: Trail Commands
t I: Date Functions
t J: Date Conversions
t k: Trail Commands
t m: Trail Commands
t M: Date Functions
t n: Trail Commands
t N: Date Functions
t o: Trail Commands
t p: Trail Commands
t P: Date Functions
t r: Trail Commands
t s: Trail Commands
t U: Date Conversions
t W: Date Functions
t y: Trail Commands
t Y: Date Functions
t [: Trail Commands
t ]: Trail Commands
TAB: Stack Manipulation

U: Undo
u #: Single-Variable Statistics
u *: Single-Variable Statistics
u +: Single-Variable Statistics
u 0-9: User-Defined Units
u ?: Help Commands
u a: Basic Operations on Units
u b: Basic Operations on Units
u C: Paired-Sample Statistics
u c: Basic Operations on Units
u d: User-Defined Units
u e: The Units Table
u G: Single-Variable Statistics
u g: The Units Table
u M: Single-Variable Statistics
u N: Single-Variable Statistics
u n: Basic Operations on Units
u p: User-Defined Units
u R: Single-Variable Statistics
u r: Basic Operations on Units
u S: Single-Variable Statistics
u s: Basic Operations on Units
u t: Basic Operations on Units
u u: User-Defined Units
u v: The Units Table
u V: The Units Table
u X: Single-Variable Statistics
u x: Basic Operations on Units

v #: Set Operations
V #: Set Operations
v (: Vector and Matrix Formats
V (: Vector and Matrix Formats
V ): Vector and Matrix Formats
v ): Vector and Matrix Formats
v +: Set Operations
V +: Set Operations
v ,: Vector and Matrix Formats
V ,: Vector and Matrix Formats
v -: Set Operations
V -: Set Operations
v .: Vector and Matrix Formats
V .: Vector and Matrix Formats
v /: Vector and Matrix Formats
V /: Vector and Matrix Formats
v :: Set Operations
V :: Set Operations
v <: Vector and Matrix Formats
V <: Vector and Matrix Formats
v =: Vector and Matrix Formats
V =: Vector and Matrix Formats
v >: Vector and Matrix Formats
V >: Vector and Matrix Formats
v ?: Help Commands
V ?: Help Commands
v a: Manipulating Vectors
V a: Manipulating Vectors
v A: Reducing and Mapping
V A: Reducing and Mapping
v b: Building Vectors
V b: Building Vectors
v c: Extracting Elements
V c: Extracting Elements
v C: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
V C: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
v d: Building Vectors
V d: Building Vectors
v D: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
V D: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
v e: Manipulating Vectors
V e: Manipulating Vectors
v E: Set Operations
V E: Set Operations
v f: Manipulating Vectors
V f: Manipulating Vectors
v F: Set Operations
V F: Set Operations
v G: Manipulating Vectors
V G: Manipulating Vectors
v h: Building Vectors
V h: Building Vectors
v H: Manipulating Vectors
V H: Manipulating Vectors
v i: Building Vectors
V i: Building Vectors
v I: Generalized Products
V I: Generalized Products
v J: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
V J: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
v k: Building Vectors
V k: Building Vectors
v K: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
V K: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
v l: Manipulating Vectors
V l: Manipulating Vectors
v L: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
V L: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
v m: Manipulating Vectors
V m: Manipulating Vectors
v M: Mapping
V M: Mapping
v n: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
V n: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
v N: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
V N: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
v O: Generalized Products
V O: Generalized Products
v p: Packing and Unpacking
V p: Packing and Unpacking
v p (complex): Complex Number Functions
V p (complex): Complex Number Functions
v r: Extracting Elements
V r: Extracting Elements
v R: Reducing
V R: Reducing
v s: Extracting Elements
V s: Extracting Elements
v S: Manipulating Vectors
V S: Manipulating Vectors
v t: Manipulating Vectors
V t: Manipulating Vectors
v T: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
V T: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
v u: Packing and Unpacking
V u: Packing and Unpacking
v U: Reducing
V U: Reducing
v u (complex): Complex Number Functions
V u (complex): Complex Number Functions
v v: Manipulating Vectors
V v: Manipulating Vectors
v V: Set Operations
V V: Set Operations
v x: Building Vectors
V x: Building Vectors
v X: Set Operations
V X: Set Operations
v [: Vector and Matrix Formats
V [: Vector and Matrix Formats
V ]: Vector and Matrix Formats
v ]: Vector and Matrix Formats
v ^: Set Operations
V ^: Set Operations
v {: Vector and Matrix Formats
V {: Vector and Matrix Formats
V }: Vector and Matrix Formats
v }: Vector and Matrix Formats
v ~: Set Operations
V ~: Set Operations

w: Error Messages

x: Basic Commands
X: Keyboard Macros

y: Yanking Into Buffers
Y: Defining Simple Commands
Y ?: Defining Simple Commands

z: Programming
Z #: Queries in Macros
Z ': Local Values in Macros
Z (: Loops in Macros
Z ): Loops in Macros
Z /: Loops in Macros
Z :: Conditionals in Macros
Z <: Loops in Macros
Z >: Loops in Macros
z ?: Help Commands
Z ?: Help Commands
Z C: User-Defined Compositions
Z C-g: Conditionals in Macros
Z D: Creating User Keys
Z E: Creating User Keys
Z F: Algebraic Definitions
Z G: Algebraic Definitions
Z I: Invocation Macros
Z K: Naming Keyboard Macros
Z P: Creating User Keys
Z S: Syntax Tables
Z T: Debugging Calc
Z U: Creating User Keys
Z [: Conditionals in Macros
Z ]: Conditionals in Macros
Z `: Local Values in Macros
Z {: Loops in Macros
Z |: Conditionals in Macros
Z }: Loops in Macros