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4.2 Fractions

A fraction is a ratio of two integers. Fractions are traditionally written “2/3” but Calc uses the notation ‘2:3’. (The / key performs RPN division; the following two sequences push the number ‘2:3’ on the stack: 2 : 3 RET, or 2 RET 3 / assuming Fraction mode has been enabled.) When the Calculator produces a fractional result it always reduces it to simplest form, which may in fact be an integer.

Fractions may also be entered in a three-part form, where ‘2:3:4’ represents two-and-three-quarters. See Fraction Formats, for fraction display formats.

Non-decimal fractions are entered and displayed as ‘radix#num:denom’ (or in the analogous three-part form). The numerator and denominator always use the same radix.