6.8.6 Maxima Language Mode

The d X (calc-maxima-language) command selects the conventions of Maxima, another free computer algebra system. The function names in Maxima are similar, but not always identical, to Calc. For example, instead of ‘arcsin(x)’, Maxima will use ‘asin(x)’. Complex numbers are written ‘3 + 4 %i’. The standard special constants are written %pi, %e, %i, %phi and %gamma. In Maxima, inf means the same as in Calc, but infinity represents Calc’s uinf.

Underscores as well as percent signs are allowed in function and variable names in Maxima mode. The underscore again is equivalent to the ‘#’ in Normal mode, and the percent sign is equivalent to ‘o'o’.

Maxima uses square brackets for lists and vectors, and matrices are written as calls to the function matrix, given the row vectors of the matrix as arguments. Square brackets are also used as subscripts.