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Index of Variables

The variables in this list that do not contain dashes are accessible as Calc variables. Add a ‘var-’ prefix to get the name of the corresponding Lisp variable.

The remaining variables are Lisp variables suitable for setqing in your Calc init file or .emacs file.

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Index Entry  Section

AlgSimpRules: Automatic Rewrites
All: Declaration Basics
all: Multi-Phase Rewrite Rules

calc-alg-ent-map: Hooks
calc-context-sensitive-enter: Customizing Calc
calc-define: Defining Functions
calc-digit-map: Hooks
calc-edit-mode-hook: Hooks
calc-edit-mode-map: Hooks
calc-embedded-announce-formula: Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-announce-formula: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-announce-formula-alist: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-close-formula: Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-close-formula: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-close-mode: Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-close-mode: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-close-new-formula: Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-close-new-formula: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-close-plain: Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-close-plain: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-mode-hook: Hooks
calc-embedded-new-buffer-hook: Hooks
calc-embedded-new-formula-hook: Hooks
calc-embedded-open-close-formula-alist: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-open-close-mode-alist: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-open-close-new-formula-alist: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-open-close-plain-alist: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-open-formula: Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-open-formula: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-open-mode: Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-open-mode: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-open-new-formula: Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-open-new-formula: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-open-plain: Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-open-plain: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-word-regexp: Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-word-regexp: Customizing Calc
calc-embedded-word-regexp-alist: Customizing Calc
calc-end-hook: Hooks
calc-gnuplot-default-device: Devices
calc-gnuplot-default-output: Devices
calc-gnuplot-name: Graphics
calc-gnuplot-name: Customizing Calc
calc-gnuplot-plot-command: Devices
calc-gnuplot-plot-command: Customizing Calc
calc-gnuplot-print-command: Devices
calc-gnuplot-print-command: Customizing Calc
calc-gnuplot-print-device: Devices
calc-gnuplot-print-output: Devices
calc-gregorian-switch: Customizing Calc
calc-highlight-selections-with-faces: Displaying Selections
calc-highlight-selections-with-faces: Customizing Calc
calc-language-alist: Customizing Calc
calc-local-var-list: Hooks
calc-lu-field-reference: Logarithmic Units
calc-lu-field-reference: Customizing Calc
calc-lu-power-reference: Logarithmic Units
calc-lu-power-reference: Customizing Calc
calc-mode-hook: Hooks
calc-mode-map: Hooks
calc-mode-save-hook: Hooks
calc-mode-var-list: Hooks
calc-multiplication-has-precedence: Customizing Calc
calc-nonselected-face: Displaying Selections
calc-nonselected-face: Customizing Calc
calc-note-threshold: Customizing Calc
calc-other-modes: Hooks
calc-reset-hook: Hooks
calc-selected-face: Displaying Selections
calc-selected-face: Customizing Calc
calc-settings-file: Customizing Calc
calc-start-hook: Hooks
calc-store-var-map: Hooks
calc-trail-mode-hook: Hooks
calc-trail-window-hook: Hooks
calc-undo-length: Customizing Calc
calc-window-hook: Hooks
calc-Y-help-msgs: Defining Simple Commands
CommuteRules: Rearranging with Selections

Decls: Declaration Basics
DistribRules: Rearranging with Selections

e: Variables
e: Scientific Functions
EvalRules: Automatic Rewrites
ExtSimpRules: Automatic Rewrites

FactorRules: Polynomials
FitRules: Curve Fitting Details

gamma: Variables
gamma: Scientific Functions
GenCount: Multiple Solutions

Holidays: Business Days

i: Variables
i: Complex Formats
inf: Infinities
IntegAfterRules: Customizing the Integrator
IntegLimit: Integration
IntegRules: Customizing the Integrator
IntegSimpRules: Customizing the Integrator
InvertRules: Rearranging with Selections

JumpRules: Rearranging with Selections

LineStyles: Graphics Options

math-daylight-savings-hook: Time Zones
math-tzone-names: Time Zones
MergeRules: Rearranging with Selections
Model1: Standard Nonlinear Models
Model2: Standard Nonlinear Models
Modes: Modes Variable

nan: Infinities
NegateRules: Rearranging with Selections

phi: Variables
pi: Variables
pi: Scientific Functions
PlotData1: Managing Curves
PlotData2: Managing Curves
PlotRejects: Basic Graphics
PointStyles: Graphics Options

q0: Storing Variables
q9: Storing Variables

RandSeed: Random Numbers
remember: Other Features of Rewrite Rules

TimeZone: Time Zones

uinf: Infinities
Units: User-Defined Units
UnitSimpRules: Automatic Rewrites

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