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8.8.9 ede-proj-target-elisp

Inheritance Tree:
See ede-target.
See ede-proj-target.
See ede-proj-target-makefile.

See ede-proj-target-elisp-autoloads.


Type: list
Default Value: nil

Additional packages needed. There should only be one toplevel package per auxiliary tool needed. These packages location is found, and added to the compile time load path. Specialized Methods

Method: project-compile-target :AFTER obj

Compile all sources in a Lisp target OBJ. Bonus: Return a cons cell: (COMPILED . UPTODATE).

Method: ede-proj-flush-autoconf :AFTER this

Flush the configure file (current buffer) to accommodate THIS.

Method: ede-buffer-mine :AFTER this buffer

Return t if object THIS lays claim to the file in BUFFER. Lays claim to all .elc files that match .el files in this target.

Method: ede-proj-makefile-sourcevar :AFTER this

Return the variable name for THIS’s sources.

Method: ede-proj-tweak-autoconf :AFTER this

Tweak the configure file (current buffer) to accommodate THIS.

Method: ede-update-version-in-source :AFTER this version

In a Lisp file, updated a version string for THIS to VERSION. There are standards in Elisp files specifying how the version string is found, such as a -version variable, or the standard header.

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