BBDB Whitelists

Variable: spam-use-BBDB

Analogous to spam-use-whitelist (see Blacklists and Whitelists), but uses the BBDB as the source of whitelisted addresses, without regular expressions. You must have the BBDB loaded for spam-use-BBDB to work properly. Messages whose senders are not in the BBDB will be sent to the next spam-split rule. This is an explicit filter, meaning that unless someone is in the BBDB, their messages are not assumed to be spam or ham.

Variable: spam-use-BBDB-exclusive

Set this variable to t if you want to use the BBDB as an implicit filter, meaning that every message will be considered spam unless the sender is in the BBDB. Use with care. Only sender addresses in the BBDB will be allowed through; all others will be classified as spammers.

While spam-use-BBDB-exclusive can be used as an alias for spam-use-BBDB as far as spam.el is concerned, it is not a separate back end. If you set spam-use-BBDB-exclusive to t, all your BBDB splitting will be exclusive.

Variable: gnus-group-ham-exit-processor-BBDB

Add this symbol to a group’s spam-process parameter by customizing the group parameters or the gnus-spam-process-newsgroups variable. When this symbol is added to a group’s spam-process parameter, the senders of ham-marked articles in ham groups will be added to the BBDB.


Instead of the obsolete gnus-group-ham-exit-processor-BBDB, it is recommended that you use (ham spam-use-BBDB). Everything will work the same way, we promise.