Gmane Spam Reporting

Variable: gnus-group-spam-exit-processor-report-gmane

Add this symbol to a group’s spam-process parameter by customizing the group parameters or the gnus-spam-process-newsgroups variable. When this symbol is added to a group’s spam-process parameter, the spam-marked articles groups will be reported to the Gmane administrators via a HTTP request.

Gmane is at https://gmane.io.


Instead of the obsolete gnus-group-spam-exit-processor-report-gmane, it is recommended that you use (spam spam-use-gmane). Everything will work the same way, we promise.

Variable: spam-report-gmane-use-article-number

This variable is t by default. Set it to nil if you are running your own news server, for instance, and the local article numbers don’t correspond to the Gmane article numbers. When spam-report-gmane-use-article-number is nil, spam-report.el will fetch the number from the article headers.

Variable: spam-report-user-mail-address

Mail address exposed in the User-Agent spam reports to Gmane. It allows the Gmane administrators to contact you in case of misreports. The default is user-mail-address.