SpamAssassin back end

Variable: spam-use-spamassassin

Set this variable if you want spam-split to use SpamAssassin.

SpamAssassin assigns a score to each article based on a set of rules and tests, including a Bayesian filter. The Bayesian filter can be trained by associating the ‘$’ mark for spam articles. The spam score can be viewed by using the command S t in summary mode.

If you set this variable, each article will be processed by SpamAssassin when spam-split is called. If your mail is preprocessed by SpamAssassin, and you want to just use the SpamAssassin headers, set spam-use-spamassassin-headers instead.

You should not enable this if you use spam-use-spamassassin-headers.

Variable: spam-use-spamassassin-headers

Set this variable if your mail is preprocessed by SpamAssassin and want spam-split to split based on the SpamAssassin headers.

You should not enable this if you use spam-use-spamassassin.

Variable: spam-spamassassin-program

This variable points to the SpamAssassin executable. If you have spamd running, you can set this variable to the spamc executable for faster processing. See the SpamAssassin documentation for more information on spamd/spamc.

SpamAssassin is a powerful and flexible spam filter that uses a wide variety of tests to identify spam. A ham and a spam processors are provided, plus the spam-use-spamassassin and spam-use-spamassassin-headers variables to indicate to spam-split that SpamAssassin should be either used, or has already been used on the article. The 2.63 version of SpamAssassin was used to test this functionality.