ifile spam filtering

Variable: spam-use-ifile

Enable this variable if you want spam-split to use ifile, a statistical analyzer similar to Bogofilter.

Variable: spam-ifile-all-categories

Enable this variable if you want spam-use-ifile to give you all the ifile categories, not just spam/non-spam. If you use this, make sure you train ifile as described in its documentation.

Variable: spam-ifile-spam-category

This is the category of spam messages as far as ifile is concerned. The actual string used is irrelevant, but you probably want to leave the default value of ‘spam’.

Variable: spam-ifile-database

This is the filename for the ifile database. It is not specified by default, so ifile will use its own default database name.

The ifile mail classifier is similar to Bogofilter in intent and purpose. A ham and a spam processor are provided, plus the spam-use-ifile variable to indicate to spam-split that ifile should be used. The 1.2.1 version of ifile was used to test this functionality.