4.9.3 Case Changes

Actions can be used to change the case of reserved words or expanded abbreviations by customizing the variables idlwave-abbrev-change-case and idlwave-reserved-word-upcase. If you want to change the case of additional words automatically, put something like the following into your .emacs file:

(add-hook 'idlwave-mode-hook
  (lambda ()
     ;;  Capitalize system vars
     (idlwave-action-and-binding idlwave-sysvar '(capitalize-word 1) t)
     ;;  Capitalize procedure name
     (idlwave-action-and-binding "\\<\\(pro\\|function\\)\\>[ \t]*\\<"
                                 '(capitalize-word 1) t)
     ;;  Capitalize common block name
     (idlwave-action-and-binding "\\<common\\>[ \t]+\\<"
                                 '(capitalize-word 1) t)))

For more information, see the documentation string for the function idlwave-action-and-binding. For information on controlling the case of routines, keywords, classes, and methods as they are completed, see Completion.

User Option: idlwave-abbrev-change-case (nil)

Non-nil means all abbrevs will be forced to either upper or lower case. Valid values are nil, t, and down.

User Option: idlwave-reserved-word-upcase (nil)

Non-nil means reserved words will be made upper case via abbrev expansion.