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Index Entry  Section

!DIR, IDL variable: Routine Info
!DIR, IDL variable: User Catalog
!DIR, IDL variable: Load-Path Shadows
!PATH, IDL variable: Routine Info
!PATH, IDL variable: Routine Definitions

*Debugging*: Electric Debug Mode

->: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity

.emacs: Configuration Examples
.idlwave_catalog: Library Catalogs

Abbreviations: Abbreviations
Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments
Actions: Actions
Actions, applied to foreign code: Actions
Active text, in routine info: Routine Info
Application, testing for shadowing: Load-Path Shadows
Authors, of IDLWAVE: Acknowledgments
auto-fill-mode: Continuation Lines

Block boundary check: Block Boundary Check
Block, closing: Block Boundary Check
Breakpoints: Breakpoints and Stepping
Browser Tips: HTML Help Browser Tips
Buffer, testing for shadowing: Load-Path Shadows
Buffers, killing: Routine Source
Buffers, scanning for routine info: Routine Info
Buffers, scanning for routine info: Routine Information Sources
Builtin list of routines: Routine Information Sources

C-c ?: Routine Info
C-c C-d: Debug Key Bindings
C-c C-d C-b: Breakpoints and Stepping
C-c C-d C-b: Breakpoints and Stepping
C-c C-d C-c: Compiling Programs
C-c C-d C-e: Compiling Programs
C-c C-d C-p: Examining Variables
C-c C-h: Doc Header
C-c C-i: Routine Info
C-c C-i: Completion
C-c C-m: Doc Header
C-c C-s: Starting the Shell
C-c C-v: Routine Source
C-M-\: Code Indentation
Calling sequences: Routine Info
Calling stack, walking: Walking the Calling Stack
CALL_EXTERNAL, IDL routine: Routine Definitions
Canceling completion: Completion
Case changes: Case Changes
Case of completed words: Case of Completed Words
Catalogs: Catalogs
Categories, of routines: Routine Info
cc-mode.el: Introduction
Changelog, in doc header.: Doc Header
Character input mode (Shell): Using the Shell
Class ambiguity: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
Class name completion: Completion
Class query, forcing: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
Class tags, in online help: Help with Source
Closing a block: Block Boundary Check
Code formatting: Code Formatting
Code indentation: Code Indentation
Code structure, moving through: Motion Commands
Code templates: Code Templates
Coding standards, enforcing: Actions
Comint: Using the Shell
Comint, Emacs package: The IDLWAVE Shell
Commands in shell, showing: Commands Sent to the Shell
Comment indentation: Comment Indentation
Compiling library modules: Resolving Routines
Compiling programs: Compiling Programs
Compiling regions: Compiling Programs
Completion: Completion
Completion, ambiguity: Completion
Completion, canceling: Completion
Completion, forcing function name: Completion
Completion, in the shell: Using the Shell
Completion, Online Help: Completion
Completion, scrolling: Completion
Completion, structure tag: Structure Tag Completion
Configuration examples: Configuration Examples
Context, for online help: Online Help
Continuation lines: Continuation Lines
Continued statement indentation: Continued Statement Indentation
Contributors, to IDLWAVE: Acknowledgments
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture): Introduction
Custom expression examination: Custom Expression Examination

Debugging: Debugging IDL Programs
Debugging Interface: A Tale of Two Modes
Dedicated frame, for shell buffer: Starting the Shell
Default command line, executing: Compiling Programs
Default routine, for info and help: Routine Info
Default settings, of options: Configuration Examples
DocLib header: Doc Header
DocLib header, as online help: Help with Source
Documentation header: Doc Header
Downcase, enforcing for reserved words: Case Changes
Duplicate routines: Routine Info
Duplicate routines: Load-Path Shadows

Electric Debug Mode: A Tale of Two Modes
Electric Debug Mode: Electric Debug Mode
Email address, of Maintainer: Acknowledgments
END type checking: Block Boundary Check
END, automatic insertion: Block Boundary Check
END, expanding: Block Boundary Check
ENVI: Starting the Shell
Examining expressions: Examining Variables
Example configuration: Configuration Examples
Executing a default command line: Compiling Programs
Execution, controlled: Breakpoints and Stepping
Expressions, custom examination: Custom Expression Examination
Expressions, printing & help: Examining Variables
External routines: Routine Definitions

Feature overview: Introduction
Filling: Continuation Lines
Flags, in routine info: Routine Info
Font lock: Syntax Highlighting
Forcing class query.: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
Foreign code, adapting: Code Indentation
Foreign code, adapting: Actions
Formatting, of code: Code Formatting
Frame, for shell buffer: Starting the Shell
Function definitions, jumping to: Motion Commands
Function name completion: Completion

Getting Started: Getting Started
get_html_rinfo: Documentation Scan

Hanging paragraphs: Comment Indentation
Hanging paragraphs: Continuation Lines
Header, for file documentation: Doc Header
Help using HTML manuals: Help with HTML Documentation
Help using routine source: Help with Source
HELP, on expressions: Examining Variables
Highlighting of syntax: Syntax Highlighting
Highlighting of syntax, Octals: Octals and Highlighting
Hooks: Misc Options
Hooks: Starting the Shell
HTML Help: Help with HTML Documentation

IDL Assistant: Help with HTML Documentation
IDL library routine info: User Catalog
IDL manual, HTML version: Help with HTML Documentation
IDL variable !DIR: Routine Info
IDL variable !DIR: User Catalog
IDL variable !DIR: Load-Path Shadows
IDL variable !PATH: Routine Info
IDL variable !PATH: Routine Definitions
IDL, as Emacs subprocess: The IDLWAVE Shell
idl-shell.el: Introduction
idl.el: Introduction
IDL> Prompt: Starting the Shell
idlw-help.el: Online Help
idlw-help.txt: Online Help
idlw-rinfo.el: Documentation Scan
IDLWAVE in a Nutshell: IDLWAVE in a Nutshell
IDLWAVE major mode: The IDLWAVE Major Mode
IDLWAVE shell: The IDLWAVE Shell
idlwave-abbrev-change-case: Case Changes
idlwave-abbrev-move: Abbreviations
idlwave-abbrev-start-char: Abbreviations
idlwave-auto-fill-split-string: Continuation Lines
idlwave-auto-routine-info-updates: Routine Information Sources
idlwave-auto-write-path: Catalogs
idlwave-begin-line-comment: Comment Indentation
idlwave-block-indent: Code Indentation
idlwave-class-arrow-face: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
idlwave-code-comment: Comment Indentation
idlwave-complete-empty-string-as-lower-case: Case of Completed Words
idlwave-completion-case: Case of Completed Words
idlwave-completion-fontify-classes: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
idlwave-completion-force-default-case: Case of Completed Words
idlwave-completion-restore-window-configuration: Completion
idlwave-completion-show-classes: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
idlwave-config-directory: Catalogs
idlwave-continuation-indent: Continued Statement Indentation
idlwave-default-font-lock-items: Syntax Highlighting
idlwave-do-actions: Actions
idlwave-doc-modifications-keyword: Doc Header
idlwave-doclib-end: Doc Header
idlwave-doclib-start: Doc Header
idlwave-end-offset: Code Indentation
idlwave-expand-generic-end: Block Boundary Check
idlwave-extra-help-function: Help with Source
idlwave-file-header: Doc Header
idlwave-fill-comment-line-only: Continuation Lines
idlwave-function-completion-adds-paren: Completion
idlwave-hang-indent-regexp: Continuation Lines
idlwave-hanging-indent: Continuation Lines
idlwave-header-to-beginning-of-file: Doc Header
idlwave-help-application: Misc Options
idlwave-help-browser-function: Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-help-browser-is-local: Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-help-doclib-keyword: Help with Source
idlwave-help-doclib-name: Help with Source
idlwave-help-fontify-source-code: Help with Source
idlwave-help-frame-parameters: Help with Source
idlwave-help-link-face: Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-help-source-try-header: Help with Source
idlwave-help-use-assistant: Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-help-use-dedicated-frame: Help with Source
idlwave-highlight-help-links-in-completion: Completion
idlwave-html-help-location: Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-html-system-help-location: Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-indent-to-open-paren: Continued Statement Indentation
idlwave-init-rinfo-when-idle-after: Routine Information Sources
idlwave-keyword-class-inheritance: Class and Keyword Inheritance
idlwave-keyword-completion-adds-equal: Completion
idlwave-library-path: Catalogs
idlwave-main-block-indent: Code Indentation
idlwave-max-extra-continuation-indent: Continued Statement Indentation
idlwave-max-popup-menu-items: Help with Source
idlwave-mode-hook: Misc Options
idlwave-no-change-comment: Comment Indentation
idlwave-pad-keyword: Padding Operators
idlwave-query-class: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
idlwave-query-shell-for-routine-info: Routine Information Sources
idlwave-reindent-end: Block Boundary Check
idlwave-reserved-word-upcase: Case Changes
idlwave-resize-routine-help-window: Routine Info
idlwave-rinfo-max-source-lines: Routine Info
idlwave-scan-all-buffers-for-routine-info: Routine Information Sources
idlwave-shell-activate-prefix-keybindings: Debug Key Bindings
idlwave-shell-arrows-do-history: Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-automatic-electric-debug: Electric Debug Mode
idlwave-shell-automatic-start: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-breakpoint-face: Breakpoints and Stepping
idlwave-shell-breakpoint-popup-menu: Breakpoints and Stepping
idlwave-shell-comint-settings: Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-command-history-file: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-command-line-options: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-debug-modifiers: Debug Key Bindings
idlwave-shell-electric-stop-color: Electric Debug Mode
idlwave-shell-electric-stop-line-face: Electric Debug Mode
idlwave-shell-electric-zap-to-file: Electric Debug Mode
idlwave-shell-examine-alist: Custom Expression Examination
idlwave-shell-explicit-file-name: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-expression-face: Examining Variables
idlwave-shell-file-name-chars: Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-frame-parameters: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-graphics-window-size: Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-initial-commands: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-input-mode-spells: Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-mark-breakpoints: Breakpoints and Stepping
idlwave-shell-mark-stop-line: Breakpoints and Stepping
idlwave-shell-max-print-length: Examining Variables
idlwave-shell-mode-hook: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-output-face: Examining Variables
idlwave-shell-overlay-arrow: Breakpoints and Stepping
idlwave-shell-prefix-key: Debug Key Bindings
idlwave-shell-process-name: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-prompt-pattern: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-raise-frame: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-save-command-history: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-separate-examine-output: Examining Variables
idlwave-shell-show-commands: Commands Sent to the Shell
idlwave-shell-stop-line-face: Breakpoints and Stepping
idlwave-shell-temp-pro-prefix: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-use-dedicated-frame: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-use-dedicated-window: Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-use-input-mode-magic: Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-use-toolbar: Debugging IDL Programs
idlwave-show-block: Block Boundary Check
idlwave-special-lib-alist: Routine Info
idlwave-special-lib-alist: User Catalog
idlwave-split-line-string: Continuation Lines
idlwave-startup-message: Misc Options
idlwave-store-inquired-class: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
idlwave-support-inheritance: Class and Keyword Inheritance
idlwave-surround-by-blank: Padding Operators
idlwave-system-directory: Catalogs
idlwave-timestamp-hook: Doc Header
idlwave-use-last-hang-indent: Continuation Lines
idlwave-use-library-catalogs: Library Catalogs
idlwave_catalog: Library Catalogs
Imenu: Motion Commands
Indentation: Code Indentation
Indentation, continued statement: Continued Statement Indentation
Indentation, of foreign code: Code Indentation
Inheritance, class: Class and Keyword Inheritance
Inheritance, keyword: Class and Keyword Inheritance
Input mode: Using the Shell
Inserting keywords, from routine info: Routine Info
Installing online help: Online Help
Interactive Data Language: Introduction
Interface Definition Language: Introduction
Interview, with the maintainer: Configuration Examples
Introduction: Introduction

Key bindings: Debug Key Bindings
Key bindings for debugging: Debugging IDL Programs
Keyword completion: Completion
Keyword inheritance: Class and Keyword Inheritance
Keywords of a routine: Routine Info
Killing autoloaded buffers: Routine Source

Library catalogs: Library Catalogs
Line input mode (Shell): Using the Shell
Line splitting: Continuation Lines
LINKIMAGE, IDL routine: Routine Definitions
Load-path shadows: Routine Info
Load-path shadows: Load-Path Shadows

M-?: Online Help
M-q: Continuation Lines
M-RET: Continuation Lines
M-TAB: Completion
macOS: The IDLWAVE Shell
macOS: User Catalog
macOS: Windows and macOS
Magic spells, for input mode: Using the Shell
Maintainer, of IDLWAVE: Acknowledgments
Major mode, idlwave-mode: The IDLWAVE Major Mode
Major mode, idlwave-shell-mode: The IDLWAVE Shell
Method completion: Completion
Method Completion in Shell: Object Method Completion in the Shell
Mixed case completion: Case of Completed Words
Modification timestamp: Doc Header
Module source file: Routine Source
Motion commands: Motion Commands
Mouse binding to print expressions: Examining Variables
Multiply defined routines: Routine Info
Multiply defined routines: Load-Path Shadows

Nutshell, IDLWAVE in a: IDLWAVE in a Nutshell

Object method completion: Completion
Object methods: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
OBJ_NEW, special online help: Online Help
Online Help: Online Help
Online Help from the routine info buffer: Routine Info
Online Help in *Completions* buffer: Completion
Online Help, in the shell: Using the Shell
Online Help, Installation: Online Help
Operators, padding with spaces: Padding Operators

Padding operators with spaces: Padding Operators
Paragraphs, filling: Comment Indentation
Paragraphs, hanging: Comment Indentation
Perl program, to create idlw-rinfo.el: Documentation Scan
PRINT expressions: Examining Variables
Printing expressions: Examining Variables
Printing expressions, on calling stack: Examining Variables
Procedure definitions, jumping to: Motion Commands
Procedure name completion: Completion
Program structure, moving through: Motion Commands
Programs, compiling: Compiling Programs

Quick-Start: Getting Started

RESOLVE_ROUTINE: Resolving Routines
Restrictions for expression printing: Examining Variables
Routine definitions: Routine Definitions
Routine definitions, multiple: Routine Info
Routine definitions, multiple: Load-Path Shadows
Routine info: Routine Info
Routine info sources: Routine Information Sources
Routine info, in the shell: Using the Shell
Routine source file: Routine Source
Routine source information: Routine Info
Routines, resolving: Resolving Routines
ROUTINE_NAMES, IDL procedure: Examining Variables

Saving object class on ->: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
Scanning buffers for routine info: Routine Info
Scanning buffers for routine info: Routine Information Sources
Scanning the documentation: Documentation Scan
Scrolling the *Completions* window: Completion
self object, default class: Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
Shadows, load-path: Routine Info
Shadows, load-path: Load-Path Shadows
Shell, basic commands: Using the Shell
Shell, querying for routine info: Routine Info
Shell, querying for routine info: Routine Information Sources
Shell, starting: Starting the Shell
Showing commands in shell: Commands Sent to the Shell
Source code, as online help: Help with Source
Source file, access from routine info: Routine Info
Source file, of a routine: Routine Source
Sources of routine information: Sources of Routine Info
Space, around operators: Padding Operators
Speed, of online help: Online Help
Speedbar, Emacs package: Motion Commands
Spells, magic: Using the Shell
Splitting, of lines: Continuation Lines
Starting the shell: Starting the Shell
Stepping: Breakpoints and Stepping
String splitting: Continuation Lines
Structure tag completion: Structure Tag Completion
Structure tags, in online help: Help with Source
Subprocess of Emacs, IDL: The IDLWAVE Shell
Subprocess of Emacs, IDL: Starting the Shell
Summary of important commands: IDLWAVE in a Nutshell
Syntax highlighting: Syntax Highlighting
Syntax highlighting, Octals: Octals and Highlighting

Templates: Code Templates
Thanks: Acknowledgments
Timestamp, in doc header.: Doc Header
Toolbar: Debugging IDL Programs
Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting
Tutorial: Getting Started

Upcase, enforcing for reserved words: Case Changes
Updating routine info: Routine Info
Updating routine info: Routine Information Sources
User catalog: User Catalog

Windows: The IDLWAVE Shell
Windows: User Catalog
Windows: Load-Path Shadows
Windows: Windows and macOS

XML Help Catalog: Online Help