4.5 Routine Source

In addition to clicking on a Source: line in the routine info window, there is another way to quickly visit the source file of a routine. The command C-c C-v (idlwave-find-module) asks for a module name, offering the same default as idlwave-routine-info would have used, taken from nearby buffer contents. In the minibuffer, specify a complete routine name (including any class part). IDLWAVE will display the source file in another window, positioned at the routine in question. You can also limit this to a routine in the current buffer only, with completion, and a context-sensitive default, by using a single prefix (C-u C-c C-v) or the convenience binding C-c C-t.

Since getting the source of a routine into a buffer is so easy with IDLWAVE, too many buffers visiting different IDL source files are sometimes created. The special command C-c C-k (idlwave-kill-autoloaded-buffers) can be used to easily remove these buffers.