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20 Miscellaneous Commands, Variables, and Buffers

This chapter covers the following command and the various MH-E buffers,

Display version information about MH-E and the MH mail handling system.

One command worth noting is M-x mh-version. You can compare the version this command prints to the latest release (see Getting MH-E). The output of M-x mh-version, found in a buffer named *MH-E Info*, should usually be included with any bug report you submit (see Bug Reports).

MH-E Buffers

Besides the MH-Folder, MH-Show, and MH-Letter buffers, MH-E creates several other buffers. They are:

*MH-E Folders*
This buffer contains the output of F l (mh-list-folders). See Folders.
*MH-E Help*
This buffer contains the output of ? (mh-help) and C-c ? in MH-Letter mode. See Using This Manual.
*MH-E Info*
This buffer contains the output of M-x mh-version <RET>.
*MH-E Log*
This buffer contains the last 100 lines of the output of the various MH commands.
*MH-E Mail Delivery*
This buffer contains the transcript of a mail delivery. See Sending Message.
*MH-E Recipients*
This buffer contains the output of C-c C-w (mh-check-whom) and is killed when draft is sent. See Checking Recipients.
*MH-E Sequences*
This buffer contains the output of S l (mh-list-sequences). See Sequences.
This is a scratch, ephemeral, buffer used by MH-E functions. Note that it is hidden because the first character in the name is a space. You'll generally not have any need for this buffer.