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12 Exporting

The Org mode export facilities can be used to export Org documents or parts of Org documents to a variety of other formats. In addition, these facilities can be used with orgtbl-mode and/or orgstruct-mode in foreign buffers so you can author tables and lists in Org syntax and convert them in place to the target language.

ASCII export produces a readable and simple version of an Org file for printing and sharing notes. HTML export allows you to easily publish notes on the web, or to build full-fledged websites. LaTeX export lets you use Org mode and its structured editing functions to create arbitrarily complex LaTeX files for any kind of document. OpenDocument Text (ODT) export allows seamless collaboration across organizational boundaries. Markdown export lets you seamlessly collaborate with other developers. Finally, iCal export can extract entries with deadlines or appointments to produce a file in the iCalendar format.