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13.14.9 Plain lists in Texinfo export

The Texinfo export back-end by default converts description lists in the Org file using the default command ‘@table’, which results in a table with two columns. To change this behavior, set ‘:table-type’ attribute to either ‘ftable’ or ‘vtable’ value. For more information, see (texinfo)Two-column Tables.

The Texinfo export back-end by default also applies a text highlight based on the defaults stored in org-texinfo-table-default-markup. To override the default highlight command, specify another one with the ‘:indic’ attribute.

Org syntax is limited to one entry per list item. Nevertheless, the Texinfo export back-end can split that entry according to any text provided through the ‘:sep’ attribute. Each part then becomes a new entry in the first column of the table.

The following example illustrates all the attributes above:

#+ATTR_TEXINFO: :table-type vtable :sep , :indic asis
- foo, bar :: This is the common text for variables foo and bar.


@vtable @asis
@item foo
@itemx bar
This is the common text for variables foo and bar.
@end table

Ordered lists are numbered when exported to Texinfo format. Such numbering obeys any counter (see Plain Lists) in the first item of the list. The ‘:enum’ attribute also let you start the list at a specific number, or switch to a lettered list, as illustrated here

1. Alpha
2. Bravo
3. Charlie

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