2.2.2 Semanticdb Search Configuration

When another part of Semantic (or another Emacs package using Semantic) queries the SemanticDB library for a source code tag, the search need not be limited to tags defined within the current file. It can include tags defined elsewhere, such as header files referenced by the current file (e.g., via the C/C++ #include directive). While performing the search, the SemanticDB library may even automatically visit other files and parse them, if necessary.

The variable semanticdb-find-default-throttle determines how aggressively SemanticDB searches for source code tags. See SemanticDB Search Throttle.

The details of SemanticDB searches can vary from language to language. In C/C++ code, for example, SemanticDB distinguishes between project header files and system header files, based on whether the #include directive uses the "" or <> filename delimiter. SemanticDB looks for system header in the system include path (see Include Paths).