Semanticdb search debugging commands

You can use M-x semanticdb-dump-all-table-summary to see the list of databases that will be searched from a given buffer. You can follow up with M-x semanticdb-find-test-translate-path to then make sure specific tables from the path are discovered correctly. Alternately, you can get a list of include files Semantic encountered, but could not find on disk using M-x semanticdb-find-adebug-lost-includes.

Command: semanticdb-dump-all-table-summary

Dump a list of all databases in Emacs memory.

Command: semanticdb-find-test-translate-path &optional arg

Call and output results of semanticdb-find-translate-path. In the displayed buffer, you can type SPC to expand items. With arg non-nil, specify a brutish translation.

Command: semanticdb-find-adebug-lost-includes

Translate the current path, then display the lost includes. Examines the variable semanticdb-find-lost-includes.

Lastly, you can test an explicit search term using this command:

Command: semantic-adebug-searchdb regex

Search the semanticdb for regex for the current buffer. Display the results as a debug list.