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5.3 Faces

These options control the display faces that WoMan uses to format the man page.


A boolean value. If non-nil then WoMan assumes that face support is available. It defaults to a non-nil value if the display supports either colors or different fonts.


Face for italic font in man pages. Default: italic, underlined, foreground red. This is overkill! troff uses just italic; nroff uses just underline. You should probably select either italic or underline as you prefer, but not both, although italic and underline work together perfectly well!


Face for bold font in man pages. Default: bold, foreground blue.


Face for all unknown fonts in man pages. Default: foreground brown. Brown is a good compromise: it is distinguishable from the default but not enough so as to make font errors look terrible. (Files that use non-standard fonts seem to do so badly or in idiosyncratic ways!)


Face for all additions made by WoMan to man pages. Default: foreground orange.