5.2 Formatting Options

These options control the layout that WoMan uses to format the man page.


An integer specifying the right margin for formatted text. Default is 65.


A boolean value. If non-nil then most of the frame width is used, overriding the value of woman-fill-column. Default is nil.


An integer specifying the default prevailing indent for the -man macros. Default is 5. Set this variable to 7 to emulate GNU/Linux man formatting.


A boolean value. If non-nil then embolden section and subsection headings. Default is t. [Heading emboldening is not standard man behavior.]


A boolean value. If non-nil then unrecognized requests etc. are ignored. Default is t. This gives the standard roff behavior. If nil then they are left in the buffer, which may aid debugging.


A boolean value. If non-nil then preserve ASCII characters in the WoMan buffer. Otherwise, non-ASCII characters (that display as ASCII) may remain, which is irrelevant unless the buffer is to be saved to a file. Default is nil.


WoMan emulation, currently either nroff or troff. Default is nroff. troff emulation is experimental and largely untested.