GNU FreeFont
Sources by script

Below you can find listed some of the sources of Gnu FreeFont grouped by ISO 10646/Unicode character range.

Resources by Script
UnicodeScript Contributors
0000-007FBasic Latin URW
0080-00FFLatin-1 Supplement URW
0100-017FLatin Extended-A URW
0180-024FLatin Extended-B Omega
0250-02AFIPA Extensions Omega
02B0-02FFSpacing Modifier Letters Omega
0300-036FCombining Diacritical Marks Omega
0370-03FFGreek Omega, Greek Type 1 fonts, TemporaLCGUni
0400-04FFCyrillic Omega, Gnome Cyrillic, TemporaLCGUni
0530-058FArmenian Omega, Sam Stepanyan
0590-05FFHebrew Culmus Project, Omega
0600-06FFArabic Omega
0700-074FSyriac Tim Erickson's font Carlo Ator; additions by S. White
0780-07BFThaana Project Thaana
0900-097FDevanagari Indix, Indlinux, Bharatbhasha, Velthuis
0980-09FFBengali Free Bangla, Bengali font, Bharatbhasha
0A00-0A7FGurmukhi singh TeX font, Punjabi font, AnmolUni font, Bharatbhasha
0A80-0AFFGujarati Samyak font, Bharatbhasha
0B00-0B7FOriya Samyak font
0B80-0BFFTamil Samyak font
0D00-0D7FMalayalam From Rachana_04 font, maintained by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing
0D80-0DFFSinhala sinhala-tex package contains the sinh TeX font by Yannis Haralambous.
DMS Electronics, The Sri Lanka Tipitaka Project, Noah Levitt (see AUTHORS)
0E00-0E7FThai Serif derives from OmegaSerifThaiIso, part of Omega. SerifItalic derives from Nf3, part of the National Fonts Project. Bold and BoldItalic are derived from these.
10A0-10FFGeorgian donated by Gia Shervashidze
1200-137FEthiopic Berhanu Beyene, Prof. Dr. Manfred Kudlek, Olaf Kummer, Jochen Metzinger (see AUTHORS)
13A0-13FFCherokee donated by Daniel Johnson
16A0-16F0Runic courtesy of Vyacheslav Dikonov
1720-1173FHanunóo Mark Williamson (MPH Damase Font)
1950-1974Tai Le Mark Williamson (MPH Damase Font)
1A00-1A1FBuginese Mark Williamson (MPH Damase Font)
1E00-1EFFLatin Extended Additional
1F00-1FFFGreek Extended (built from Greek range)
2000-206FGeneral Punctuation mostly custom-made
2070-209FSuperscripts and Subscripts
20A0-20CFCurrency Symbols URW++, custom
20D0-20FFCombining Marks for Symbols
2100-214FLetterlike Symbols
2150-218FNumber Forms
2190-21FFArrows TX Fonts
2200-22FFMathematical Operators TX Fonts
2300-23FFMiscellaneous Technical
2400-243FControl Pictures
2460-24FFEnclosed Alphanumerics URW++ Dingbats
2500-257FBox Drawing
2580-259FBlock Elements
25A0-25FFGeometric Shapes
2600-26FFMiscellaneous Symbols Dingbat Pages, Chess Fonts, Marvosym
2700-27BFDingbats URW
2800-28FFBraille custom by S. White
2C00-2C5FGlagolitic custom by Steve White
2C80-2CFFCoptic custom by Steve White
FB50-FDFFArabic Presentation Forms-A Omega
FE70-FEFFArabic Presentation Forms-B Omega
10330-1034FGothic George Douros’ font Analecta Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts
10380-1039FUgaritic Mark Williamson (MPH Damase Font)
103A0-103D5Old Persian Mark Williamson (MPH Damase Font)
10900-1091FPhoenecian George Douros’ font Aegean Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts
1D000-1D0FFByzantine Musical Symbols George Douros’ font Musical Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts
1D100-1D1FFWestern Musical Symbols George Douros’ font Musical Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts
1D400-1D7FFMathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Several sources: George Douros’ font Unicode Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts, TeX-Fonts “Fraktur normal” txmia available at CTAN,
1F000-1F02FMahjong Tiles George Douros’ font Unicode Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts
1F030-1F09FDomino Tiles George Douros’ font Unicode (heavily modified) Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts

Primož Peterlin
Steve White
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