Sat Jan 27 2024

Freeipmi 1.6.14 released.
Fri Jan 26 2024

Freeipmi 1.6.13 released.
Sun Nov 19 2023

Freeipmi 1.6.12 released.
Wed Jun 07 2023

Freeipmi 1.6.11 released.
Wed Aug 31 2022

Freeipmi 1.6.10 released.
Wed Jan 19 2022

Freeipmi 1.6.9 released.
Wed May 19 2021

Freeipmi 1.6.8 released.
Sat Feb 13 2021

Freeipmi 1.6.7 released.
Fri Sep 04 2020

Freeipmi 1.6.6 released.
Thu May 21 2020

Freeipmi 1.6.5 released.
Wed Aug 22 2019

Freeipmi 1.6.4 released.
Wed Jan 23 2019

Freeipmi 1.6.3 released.
Thu May 03 2018

Freeipmi 1.6.2 released.
Fri Feb 02 2018

Freeipmi 1.6.1 released.
Wed Aug 16 2017

Freeipmi 1.5.7 released.
Wed Aug 16 2017

Freeipmi 1.6.0.alpha1 released.
Wed Jul 05 2017

Freeipmi 1.5.6 released.
Wed Nov 02 2016

Freeipmi 1.5.5 released.
Fri Sep 30 2016

Freeipmi 1.5.4 released.
Mon Aug 01 2016

Freeipmi 1.5.3 released.
Mon May 23 2016

Freeipmi 1.5.2 released.
Tue Dec 01 2015

Freeipmi 1.5.1 released.
Fri Nov 13 2015

Freeipmi 1.5.0.beta1 released.
Thu Oct 29 2015

Freeipmi 1.4.11 released.
Tue Oct 20 2015

Freeipmi 1.4.10 released.
Mon Jun 01 2015

Freeipmi 1.4.9 released.
Wed Jan 07 2015

Freeipmi 1.4.8 released.
Wed Dec 10 2014

Freeipmi 1.4.7 released.
Wed Oct 29 2014

Freeipmi 1.4.6 released.
Mon Jul 28 2014

Freeipmi 1.4.5 released.
Fri Jun 27 2014

Freeipmi 1.4.4 released.
Wed May 7 2014

Freeipmi 1.4.3 released.
Tue May 6 2014

Freeipmi 1.4.2 released.
Mon Mar 3 2014

Freeipmi 1.4.1 released.


FreeIPMI provides in-band and out-of-band IPMI software based on the IPMI v1.5/2.0 specification. The IPMI specification defines a set of interfaces for platform management and is implemented by a number of vendors for system management. The features of IPMI that most users will be interested in are sensor monitoring, system event monitoring, power control, and serial-over-LAN (SOL). The FreeIPMI tools and libraries listed below should provide users with the ability to access and utilize these and many other features. A number of useful features for large HPC or cluster environments have also been implemented into FreeIPMI. See the README or FAQ for more info.

The FreeIPMI project currently includes the following tools and libraries:

Project Tools
A tool to read information about a BMC such as device version numbers, device support, and globally unique IDs (guids). (example output)
A tool/daemon to manage a BMC Watchdog. This tool is typically used for system timeout management and automatic system restarts in the event of a system crash.
A tool to manage/monitor a chassis, such as chassis power, identification (i.e. LED control), and status.
A tool to read field replaceable unit (FRU) information from a motherboard/machine. (example output)
A tool to read and manage IPMI System Event Log (SEL) records. SEL records store system event information and may be useful for debugging problems. (example output, example output w/ event state)
A tool to read IPMI sensor readings and sensor data repository (SDR) information. (example output, example output w/ sensor state)
A tool for remote power control.
A tool for Serial-over-Lan (SOL) console access.
A tool to configure BMC and IPMI information. In can be used to configured usernames, passwords, networking information, security, Serial-over-LAN (SOL), Platform Event Filtering (PEF), boot devices, power restoration policy, sensor thresholds, sensor events, and many more configuration options. (example core config, PEF config, Chassis config, Sensors config)
A tool that provides hex input/output of IPMI commands.
A tool that can probe for information about a BMC device, such as device addresses or IPMI version support. (example output)
A tool to parse and interpret Platform Event Traps (PET).
A tool to perform Data Center Manageability Interface (DCMI) IPMI extension commands. Supports extensions for asset management and power usage management.
A tool to perform advanced BMC commands, such as resetting the BMC, configuring ACPI, configuring SDR/SEL time, manually generating events, re-arming sensors, and configuring manufacturer settings.
An IPMI ping tool for debugging. (example output)
A RMCP ping tool for debugging. (example output)
An IPMI tool for OEM specific commands.
A tool and daemon for IPMI node detection.
A daemon that regularly polls the SEL and stores the events to the local syslog.
Project Libraries
A C library that includes KCS, SSIF, and OpenIPMI Linux, and Solaris BMC drivers, IPMI 1.5 and IPMI 2.0 LAN communication interfaces, IPMI packet building utilities, IPMI command utilities, and utilities for reading/interpreting/managing IPMI. This library is for programmers intimately familiar with the IPMI protocol and IPMI specification. Most users may wish to use the libraries listed below.
A library for Serial-over-Lan (SOL) console access. SOL console access is abstracted into a file descriptor interface, so users may read and write console data through a file descriptor.
A library for sensor and system event log (SEL) monitoring that abstracts away most IPMI details. Interpretation of those sensors and events is abstracted into an API with an iterator interface.
A library for IPMI node detection.
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