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B.4.5 Where To Send Non-bug Questions

If you have questions related to awk programming, or why gawk behaves a certain way, or any other awk- or gawk-related issue, please do not send it to the bug reporting address.

As of July, 2021, there is a separate mailing list for this purpose: “help dash gawk at gnu dot org”. Anything that is not a bug report should be sent to that list.

NOTE: If you disregard these directions and send non-bug mails to the bug list, you will be told to use the help list. After two such requests you will be silently blacklisted from the bug list.

Please note: As with the bug list, we ask that you follow the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines in your correspondence on the help list (as well as off of it).

If you wish to the subscribe to the list, in order to help out others, or to learn from others, here are instructions, courtesy of Bob Proulx:

Subscribe by email

Send an email message to “help dash gawk dash request at gnu dot org” with “subscribe” in the body of the message. The subject does not matter and is not used.

Subscribe by web form

To use the web interface visit the list information page. Use the subscribe form to fill out your email address and submit using the Subscribe button.

Reply to the confirmation message

In both cases then reply to the confirmation message that is sent to your address in reply.

Bob mentions that you may also use email for subscribing and unsubscribing. For example:

$ echo help | mailx -s request
$ echo subscribe | mailx -s request
$ echo unsubscribe | mailx -s request

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