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B.4.6 Reporting Problems with Non-Unix Ports

If you find bugs in one of the non-Unix ports of gawk, send an email to the bug list, with a copy to the person who maintains that port. The maintainers are named in the following list, as well as in the README file in the gawk distribution. Information in the README file should be considered authoritative if it conflicts with this Web page.

The people maintaining the various gawk ports are:

Unix and POSIX systemsArnold Robbins, “arnold at skeeve dot com”
MS-Windows with MinGWEli Zaretskii, “eliz at gnu dot org”
VMSJohn Malmberg, “wb8tyw at qsl dot net”
z/OS (OS/390)Daniel Richard G. “skunk at iSKUNK dot ORG”

If your bug is also reproducible under Unix, send a copy of your report to the “bug dash gawk at gnu dot org” email list as well.