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13.5.6 AM_ICONV in iconv.m4

The AM_ICONV macro tests for the presence of the POSIX/XSI iconv function family in either the C library or a separate libiconv library. If found, it sets the am_cv_func_iconv variable to ‘yes’; it defines HAVE_ICONV to 1 in the autoconf generated configuration file (usually called config.h); it defines ICONV_CONST to ‘const’ or to empty, depending on whether the second argument of iconv() is of type ‘const char **’ or ‘char **’; it sets the variables LIBICONV and LTLIBICONV to the linker options for use in a Makefile (LIBICONV for use without libtool, LTLIBICONV for use with libtool); it adds an ‘-I’ option to CPPFLAGS if necessary. If not found, it sets LIBICONV and LTLIBICONV to empty and doesn’t change CPPFLAGS.

The complexities that AM_ICONV deals with are the following:

iconv.m4 is distributed with the GNU gettext package because gettext.m4 relies on it.

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