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9.13.5 PO Header Entry API

The following functions provide an interface to extract and manipulate the header entry (see Filling in the Header Entry) from a file loaded in memory. The meta information must be written back into the domain message with the empty string as msgid.

Function: const char * po_file_domain_header (po_file_t file, const char *domain)

Returns the header entry of a domain from file, a PO file loaded in memory. The value NULL provided as domain denotes the default domain. Returns NULL if there is no header entry.

Function: char * po_header_field (const char *header, const char *field)

Returns the value of field in the header entry. The return value is either a freshly allocated string, to be freed by the caller, or NULL.

Function: char * po_header_set_field (const char *header, const char *field, const char *value)

Returns a freshly allocated string which contains the entry from header with field set to value. The field is added if necessary.