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9.13.3 po_message_iterator_t API

Data Type: po_message_iterator_t

This is a pointer type that refers to an iterator that produces a sequence of messages.

Function: po_message_iterator_t po_message_iterator (po_file_t file, const char *domain)

The po_message_iterator returns an iterator that will produce the messages of file that belong to the given domain. If domain is NULL, the default domain is used instead. To list the messages, use the function po_next_message repeatedly.

Function: void po_message_iterator_free (po_message_iterator_t iterator)

The po_message_iterator_free function frees an iterator previously allocated through the po_message_iterator function.

Function: po_message_t po_next_message (po_message_iterator_t iterator)

The po_next_message function returns the next message from iterator and advances the iterator. It returns NULL when the iterator has reached the end of its message list.