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This project has been decommissioned. This web page is kept here for historical purposes only.

With GNU Groupware, you can make a difference.

The purpose of the GNU GLUE project is to create a distributed groupware application framework based on Internet protocols, suitable for both synchronous and asynchronous as well as both on-line and disconnected operation.

Pending tasks:

Possible applications:

Project roadmap:

As the GNU GLUE project will build on a lot of existing free software packages, it will have to inherit the terms of the respective licenses. However, it is intended that most of the system will be published under terms that are compatible with the GNU General Public License. Support for legacy systems migration and interoperability (such as for Lotus Notes, proprietary SQL databases, etc.) may rely on availability of the respective proprietary software packages, but will not be required to use GNU GLUE.

For further information, visit the GNU GLUE project home page, or contact mfg@gnu.org.

You can subscribe to the GNU GLUE discussion mailing list by sending an e-mail to glue-request@gnu.org with a subject line containing only the word subscribe. The address for posting to the mailing list is glue@gnu.org.

A web interface for the mailing list is available here.

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