Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::GetterSetter::UserDefinedGetterSetter Class Reference

User-defined getter/setter. More...

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class  ScopedLock

Public Member Functions

 UserDefinedGetterSetter (as_function *get, as_function *set)
as_value get (const fn_call &fn) const
 Invoke the getter.
void set (const fn_call &fn)
 Invoke the setter.
const as_valuegetUnderlying () const
 Get the underlying value.
void setUnderlying (const as_value &v)
 Set the underlying value.
void markReachableResources () const

Detailed Description

User-defined getter/setter.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::GetterSetter::UserDefinedGetterSetter::UserDefinedGetterSetter ( as_function get,
as_function set 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

as_value gnash::GetterSetter::UserDefinedGetterSetter::get ( const fn_call fn) const
const as_value& gnash::GetterSetter::UserDefinedGetterSetter::getUnderlying ( ) const [inline]

Get the underlying value.

void gnash::GetterSetter::UserDefinedGetterSetter::markReachableResources ( ) const
void gnash::GetterSetter::UserDefinedGetterSetter::set ( const fn_call fn)
void gnash::GetterSetter::UserDefinedGetterSetter::setUnderlying ( const as_value v) [inline]

Set the underlying value.

References test::v.

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