Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::GradientFill Class Reference

A GradientFill. More...

#include <FillStyle.h>

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Public Types

enum  Type { LINEAR, RADIAL }
 The type of GradientFill. More...
enum  SpreadMode { PAD, REPEAT, REFLECT }
enum  InterpolationMode { RGB, LINEAR_RGB }
typedef std::vector
< GradientRecord

Public Member Functions

 GradientFill (Type t, const SWFMatrix &m, const GradientRecords &=GradientRecords())
 Construct a GradientFill.
Type type () const
const SWFMatrixmatrix () const
void setLerp (const GradientFill &a, const GradientFill &b, double ratio)
 Set this fill to a lerp of two other GradientFills.
void setRecords (const GradientRecords &recs)
const GradientRecordsgetRecords () const
size_t recordCount () const
 Get the number of records in this GradientFill.
const GradientRecordrecord (size_t i) const
 Query the GradientRecord at the specified index.
void setFocalPoint (double d)
 Set the focal point.
double focalPoint () const
 Get the focal point of this GradientFill.

Public Attributes

SpreadMode spreadMode
InterpolationMode interpolation

Detailed Description

A GradientFill.

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The type of GradientFill.

A Radial fill is a gradient fill with a focal point.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::GradientFill::GradientFill ( Type  t,
const SWFMatrix m,
const GradientRecords recs = GradientRecords() 

Construct a GradientFill.

Optionally the records can be passed here. The actual matrix of the gradient depends on the type; the constructor handles this, and users should just pass the user matrix.

References assert.

Member Function Documentation

double gnash::GradientFill::focalPoint ( ) const [inline]

Get the focal point of this GradientFill.

If the focal point is 0.0, it is a simple radial fill.

Referenced by gnash::renderer::openvg::StyleHandler::operator()(), gnash::StyleHandler::addFocalGradient(), and gnash::readFills().

const GradientRecords& gnash::GradientFill::getRecords ( ) const [inline]
const SWFMatrix& gnash::GradientFill::matrix ( ) const [inline]
const GradientRecord& gnash::GradientFill::record ( size_t  i) const [inline]

Query the GradientRecord at the specified index.

There are recordCount() records.

References assert, and gnash::key::i.

Referenced by setLerp().

size_t gnash::GradientFill::recordCount ( ) const [inline]

Get the number of records in this GradientFill.

Referenced by setLerp().

void gnash::GradientFill::setFocalPoint ( double  d)

Set the focal point.

Value will be clamped to the range -1..1; callers don't need to check.

References gnash::key::d.

Referenced by gnash::readFills().

void gnash::GradientFill::setLerp ( const GradientFill a,
const GradientFill b,
double  ratio 
void gnash::GradientFill::setRecords ( const GradientRecords recs) [inline]

References assert.

Referenced by gnash::readFills().

Type gnash::GradientFill::type ( ) const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by gnash::readFills().

Referenced by gnash::readFills().

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